18 August 2013 Went to Ann’s and read email while there. The DJ Chris Warren from Hot102.8 radio wrote to invite me into the studio for a live intrerview instead of the pre-recorded one that we did on Friday. I sat wondering if I want to do this. ould I be comfortable or nervous? Does it do something for me? Their studio is in Boscombe in the sports arena Dean Court BH7 7AF which is a bit far, and the programme is 10 to 1 on Sundays. I checked on-line and they are more than just an internet stream, they do actually broadcast locally on 102.8 FM. Their ‘reach’ is 30,000 a week, which I assume is a cumulative count of everyone who listened for 5 mins or more in traffic. My guess is that there could be a 1,000 audience which is less than my audience, in front of whom, I perform perfectly calmly as a solo act. I emailed back to check where they are, what date it would be and how long he would want me there. I didn’t mention, but it would only be of interest if we are planning on a prolonged chat between music lasting an hour or more. Ann says I should do it. That not everyone gets interviewed on radio. It is something that would be mildly amusing to have in my recollections, as long as I don’t freeze-up or make a complete arse of myself. Of course he may have meant this sunday (today) in which case it is moot. I tweeted about it and set up a link to ‘follow’ chris and to ‘follow’ hot102.8 on twitter (‘Following’ means that if they write a message on twitter a copy will be sent to me.) Currently no one ‘follows’ me so my tweets are just stored on the twitter servers. I am neither excited or fearful of being interviewed on radio, although that medium is not perfect for dancing. It could be amusing, it could lead to something good or bad. Probably I will do it if the invite is still alive. At 7.30 pm went to beach, but wasn’t really in the mood. The place was getting dark and there were very few people there. Also listening to ‘Destiny’s Child’ which was in my ‘A-list’ of CDs but didn’t inspire me. Sluggish to start and never really got going. A young man asked me how long I usually do this. I told him I try for an hour to an hour and a half. “Every day?” I confirmed that I try to do it every day, but that sometimes I couldn’t manage it. He asked, “Do you mind if I ask how old you are?”
It is a funny thing, we all use that expression, but it isn’t exactly correct. “Do you mind telling me how old you are,” would be more exact. I told him that I was 60 (I have been practising saying 60 for serveral months so that it won’t come as a shock when I actually get to 60) and he said, “Good on you, if you can do that.” Which I think too, especially as for the last 20 minutes I had been thinking that I am too old for this and that I can barely move my legs. Came back and took my blood pressure and was mildly annoyed that it was 117/85 and a pulse rate of close to 80. It should have been lower and slower, but I suspected that I had not really got the full effect because I didn’t feel lost in the dance the way I should. My pulse has been oddly high for the last few weeks. Pulse now at 11.25 is a much better 60.


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