Tuesday 20 August 2013 Woken up at about 9 by gardening machine noise. Thought may as well take the opportunity to get up and hopefully shift my waking day back to daylight hours. Will be very tired later as I only had about 4 hours sleep. My blood pressure far too high this morning, possibly affected by lack of sleep it is about 130/95, 95 being well into stage 1 hypertension (if sustained at that level) Did some vigorous movement for about 15 mins in hope it would help, but not going to measure.
Asked Pam if she could give me a lift on Sunday. That will depend on the weather. It would be a two hour walk to get there for 11.45am which would mean getting up at about 8 which is way outside my normal behaviour. Or I could pay £20? for a taxi. All seems a bit silly. On the other hand maybe something interesting will come of it. Went on-line at library to send info to radio station for interview. Email from the DJ asked me what music I would like to have played during my time there. I had no idea they would offer me my choice of music, but fortunately that morning I had made a list of my favourite CDs for dancing so I gave them that list. If they have the songs in their library they will play them. Gee, its like desert island disks. The DJ asked me to write an intro and he suggested I tell him what questions I want him to ask. Again I wasn’t prepared for this, but drafted a short intro, but I suggested he just use the titles I have given in the backgroubd information as questions or he lifts some of the text and changes the voice (that he says it instead of my saying it.) If I had known I could have written an entire 25 min comedy sketch Went to beach at about 4 and returned to flat at about 8. Oh, my I must have danced for more then the 1 to 1 & half hours that I thought I normally did. (Glad to see pressure after that was down to a healthy 117/78) Someone asked what the music was, I said I couldn’t remember the name. He listened and said, “Toni Baxton.”
“Yes, that’s it. I am very impressed,” I told him. We chatted a while, he told me I had good taste in music (which is code for, I have that album too) I told them when and where to listen to my interview. I asked if they were on holiday, he said yes and that they were happy… BUT PROBABLY NOT AS HAPPY AS YOU. Danced back, a young woman rushed down the beach to video me and then rushed away again. A few children giggled and gawked. Back at chine the sun was setting, I was shagged-out, but the show-off must go on. Finally walked home. A car went by with mom and children waving to me and showing thumbs-up. The good thing about the interview is that it is keeping my mind off the blood tests. I am wondering if there is something that I should promote in the interview. I have started to think about getting an ‘official’ 1 hour a week beachdancing session with the radio station playing the music and various dance leaders and persons of all ages dancing along. I would have thought this would be of interest to the NHS as an encouragement to get exercise and to various dance groups/ clubs/ schools to get customers. (The radio channel has some kind of charter which requires them to do community stuff.)


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