Saturday 24 August 2013 Went shopping without money and had to go back later to pick it up and then left the umbrella in the shop and had to go back. (Why an umbrella? Well, because I paid attention to the forecast for a day in which there wasn’t a drop of rain.) Thinking about interview tomorrow and sadly noticed that I am in the bathroom far more than I should be. Are my guts really upset because of this interview? I start thinking about this and say to myself, Are you nuts? I have danced in front of thousands of complete strangers staring at me and thinking me nuts, why on earth would I need to be nervous about speaking to probably a smaller audience by radio? Sod, it! I say to myself, don’t you dare be nervous about this nonsense! This is my thing, there is nothing at stake, I don’t care one way or another, I am going to be a fabulous guest and I am going to be cheeky. My opening line is going to be, “Hello, Chris, I think this is the first time you have seen me with my clothes on.” Didn’t go to beach. Set alarm for 10, just in case. In previous days I had spent an hour or two speaking as if I am in the interview, just telling my stories. Trying to get used to talking without running going blank. Got all my clothes and things to take and snacks and address and phone and then I think, “This is as much trouble as travelling, why am I bothering?” Pam wanted to set off at 11 in case we get delayed and I said I’d rather be late than be hanging around waiting getting nervous.


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