26August Monday
Went to tesco. Saw same check-out lad as saturday. He asked how the interview went. I said fantastic, that it was really fun. Everywhere closed and so quiet in Westbourne, oh it’s bank holiday monday. Grey day but brightened up at around 4 so went to beach. Very busy on beach but not on promendade. (Yesterday there were lots of people on prom.) Nothing much happened while progressing along beach. Did see the DJ and his family at their beach hut. I asked if he had been there the day before and he said, “No, sorry about that.”
“It doesn’t matter,” I interjected.
“When I said I would be here I had forgotten
a social date, sorry.”
“It doesn’t matter.” (He had announced on air, without checking with me, that people should come down to see me. And he doesn’t bother coming.)
“I hear that you were here,” he added.
“Yes, and I danced along the beach with a chorus of 5 teenage girls. The first time it was mostly men watching.” I explained that they liked the idea of ‘Beachdancer Hour’ and he said he would announce it any sunday that I fancied. I tried to explain that I want to create something bigger than that with the local authorities and health charities.
He suggested I dance in front of the air display crowd because it would be thousands. I mentioned that I had danced in front of thousands at the fireworks, that the numbers don’t matter to me. I was trying to explain that the concept isn’t about me. He hasn’t got it yet. I will email him. Of course creating an event is WORK, and so it is unlikely that I will do it. The only hope is if I can excite someone else to set it up. Back at the chine two woman (about 35-40) came to talk to me. One said, “We came back to the beach today in the hope of seeing you dance again.” We chatted a while about the usual things, the music, how did I start, why do I do it, I told them some of the things that have happened. She told me her name (Cheryl pronounced as in Cherry), shook my hand and departed. I danced a while. A little boy asked me if I was listening to music. I said, “Yes, surprisingly I am listening to music and I try to move in time with it.” His mom told him to applaud. I bowed, but instead of applauding he said, “High Five,” which we did. I asked them if they listened to the local radio. No.
I have yet to find anyone who heard the interview (other than Ann). When I sat down a big muscle builder of a young man with his slim blonde girl friend said, “Could I ask you something?” and was pushed by his girlfriend, “Don’t ask him that.” But he continued, “What music are you listening to is it house or …(he said some other categories which meant nothing to me) so I let him listen. “You were dancing much faster than this music,” he said. I didn’t reply, but of course the song may have changed. I had noticed them when I was dancing and his facial expression was the normal male one which looks to me like he is going to give me a good kicking, but he said to me, “You dance very well, you really do.”
At some point he said that it must keep me fit and used an expression that others have used which is something like, “Good on you.” Then they left. (I wonder if she was telling him not to ask some other question.)


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