31 August Saturday

Feeling much better, decided to go to air show and see if I could get myself on the big screen between air displays. My memory of previous years is that there were big gaps between displays and the cameras roamed around looking for something interesting – what more interesting than The Beachdancer?

So I walked down to Bournemouth pier and beyond to see the air festival. It had already started and the beach was packed.

I went as far as the centre of the event at which part of the beach is cordoned off because it is where they stage amphibious attacks and where the parachutists land.

The big screen TVs are either side of this area and the broadcasters, I believe, are on the clifftop here. (Near the Cumberland hotel)

The sky was completely clear and visibility was so good that you could see the jet fighters all the way up to however high they flew until they were too small to keep track of.

It was very warm and too crowded. My aim to get on the big TV was thwarted by the aircraft coming faster and without the long pauses of previous years and the impossibility of anyone seeing me within the vast hordes on the beach, but I danced anyway which turned out to be a mistake.

My ankle was not fully recovered from the day before and by the time I need to walk back I was in pain. The return journey was slow and accompanied by self-pity, & phrases like ‘I told you so’ and ‘You are stupid’ (spoken to myself).

The pain started to be whenever the archiles tendon was stretched (everytime I stepped forward with the left leaving the right leg back) but then became constant and required hobbling and rest periods.

In pain all evening.


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