1 Sept Sunday

Not sure if I will be able to walk over to see my friend and certainly won’t be dancing (unless I can’t resist). First had to go shopping as out of almost everything. :Later did walk over. Heard her recording of my interview which sounded terribly distorted on the dictation recorder that she used in front of the loudspeaker. Hobbled home without excessive pain. Brought recorder back with me and connected it to my computer to re-record. Sounded terrible. I played and replayed while transcribing the interview so that I would have a text version. Many parts inaudible or too garbled.

Tried the re-recording again, this time turning the volume on the dictation machine down and using my pre-amp set-up to boost the signal before feeding to P.C. This produced a much better recording. (Not good, but not so bad) With new version many of the garbled parts became clearer. Worked on this late into night.


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