3 Sept Tuesday
Still walking with a stick, although I can walk without it. The effect of the stick is to move some of the pain away from my ankle transferring it to my wrist. If I walked a lot with the stick I will have a swollen wrist too.

Saw some lovely photos on-line of dancers on beaches and now want to do a deal with the copyright holders to get use of that art for my website. (I am half acting like I have a real business here. If I had an internet connection at home I would probably be working on it all evening. Someone needs to give me a sedative or duct tape me to the sofa.

I think the enforced resting due to ankle probably good for me. I suspect that I have been over-doing the dancing. But I won’t be able to NOT dance much longer. Although I am NOT dancing, by NOT dancing I mean ‘not much’. Couldn’t help myself when making lunch – just a few turns, steps, motions between cutting and chopping.

My new flyers (fliers?) have the phrase “I danced with the Beachdancer” printed on them. Not yet printed them out. They will be out of date before I give them out, no doubt. (And where are the T-shirts?)


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