6 Sept Friday 2013
Want to dance. Want to dance, but resisted. Ankle not very bad, but it won’t take much to make it swell up again. Went to library. Searched for pictures of dancers on beach. My idea being that if they are for sale I would offer to promote them on my sites for free (in exchange for using them as illustrations) but all the photos I found, lovely that they are, seemed to be on sites that pirated them (that is they are on sites that don’t own the images, but have just used them as illustrations without permission). In the process of doing this found a site http://www.beachdance.com which promotes and runs beach dancing on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Have written to person who runs it. Want her as part of the international franchise. She uses synchronised iphones running the same music. How techno clever. Felt excited at finding – on the opposite side of the planet someone with same idea. Difference is the style of dance and the kind of music and the technology. She looks in her 30s and seems to get mature women whereas I am old and I get youths.

It is time to start thinking about flights, but not done yet.

Have been ‘updating my facebook status’ – can’t believe I am doing such a thing, but now that I have the following facebook address— http://www.facebook.com/thebeachdancer
I feel sooo international – that in their 100 million or more users, I am THE beachdancer
(someone else is beachdancer, but I am THE beachdancer)
Which means that my flyers are out of date again.


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