10 Sept Tuesday
Grey skies threatening rain. Went to library and discovered http://www.grooveshark.com – OMG! (as they write in internetspeak) It would seem perfect for beachdancer hour. You select music and it will stream that music to anyone who connects via a browser. (This is different to the system that they use in Hawaii*) Only problems..
1) I don’t have a smartphone so can’t receive it
2.For this to work for others I also have to use it because only broadcasts if I am connected. But other than that it appears to have much of the music that I actually dance to already in its system and using it free allows up to 5,000 songs. (My UK favorite albums contain about 100 songs plus the Spain albums would total maybe 250 songs.) This makes it possible to have co-ordinated music which anyone with a smart phone can listen to at the same time. (Don’t know how synchronised it is when streamed nor if the beach is a good place to pick it up.) Going to set up account and get this sorted out, and if that works I will have to buy a smartphone (or other 3G/4G enabled portable computer.) Oooooh exciting!
(The amusing thing is that it is also international – anyone anywhere could listen to same music or have their own version locally.)
International franchise by 2015.


*(In Hawaii the technology used during the events are iPod shuffles, not SmartPhones. The shuffles are synch’ed to the same playlist and handed out to the participants to use during the dance.)


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