17, 16, 19 Sept
All grey, windy and wet. I am deleting these dayus from my memory. Did do something which was post some of my diary to the blog – which if you are reading this on the blog -well, you already know. Have been in contact with consciousdancer.com who have written that they are interested in a piece about Beachdancer Hour, but they want photos of which I have none.

16 Sept Monday
They tell me the morning was windy. The sun came out about 3 and I gave up on what I was going to do so that I could instead go to the beach. Cool with clouds and sunny spells, the sand damp, the beach deserted; what a change from last time I was there. My ankle still not good, but oh my – GLORIOUS.
Danced for about an hour. No particular incidents. One old guy said, “Nice dancing” and some woman stood on the upper terrace of the restaurant staring at me for some while.

My mood brightened from how I felt yesterday. After dancing my body felt relaxed the way it should and I was happy again. (Happy and relaxed enough not to complain too much about the pain from my ankle as I walked home.)

The forcast for tomorrow is rainy again.

15 Sept Sunday
Windy rainy day.


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