20 Sept Friday Another week has zipped by without my noticing. For some inexplicable reason I was up until 3 am last night and then didn’t wake up this morning. So at 1 pm I went to library to update https://beachdancer.wordpress.com which is starting to look organised. Still haven’t figured out how to put the top of the page contents links into any order, but now have the diary entries uploaded and in some kind of barely sensible shape. (The entries are edited versions of my actual diary.)

Oddly, can’t find any diary for May10 to May29 or the even larger gap of JUNE 11 to JULY 16. Perhaps I deleted these or maybe it is part of an international conspiracy to conceal where I was dancing at those dates because Beachdancer Hour is a front for organised rag-time.

This afternoon was partially sunny and so after the library I had lunch at 3pm (isn’t that lunch-time?) and then headed to the beach, which was empty and low tide, and a bit chilly, but still lovely.

Very much feels like end of season with the sun low in the sky, the air chilly and the place deserted. Where did this wonderful summer go? I don’t want to let it go, and that feeling is delaying my booking my migratory flight south. Odd, because down there it would still feel like summer.

The stretching hurt more than normal, because I haven’t been doing this every day the way I should. It also took extra effort to get in the groove. Unfortunately my ankle began to hurt almost immediately. I stopped to put on the compression sock and also some tape so that I could continue.

Nothing much to report except that when I was doing my after stretches the photographer ( www.LaurieLapworth.com )who had taken some shots of the dancing came closer for a couple of portrait shots. The aim is to use these in the www.consciousdancer.com piece if they decide to publish. (Also depends on whether I like the images sufficiently.)

Tomorrow there is an open air dance thing at the pier in Bournemouth which in past years I have gone to and started the dancing. Not sure if my ankle is up to it this year.


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