22 Sept Sunday after disco

Nursing a sore ankle, strapping it up and then taking the strap off again and putting it back on. The pressure feels good for a while and then seems to make things worse. Taking it off is a relief for a while then seems better to put the pressure on again. No dancing today (I promise). Oddly, stayed up late even though had so little sleep.

23 Sept Monday

Woke up at 12.30 which means I have made up most of the lost sleep. Ankle not so bad. Lovely day. Should I go to the beach to dance? Probably not, but you know me… was lovely down there. Tried not to over do it too much, just over do it a little bit. Phoned Pavilion Dance to ask if they had the hat I left at their disco. (I love Pavilion Dance, although I don’t think my love is reciprocated)


24 Sept Tuesday

Okay, so I made up for the lost sleep yet again, waking up in early afternoon. (I call that getting up early – see I am perfectly logical.) Had important things to do, which I didn’t bother doing, because in this season you can’t ignore the sun reminding you that the beach is calling on the breeze… ‘Come dance on me, please…’ Oh, but I did do something either today or yesterday – I read email. Damn! I had written something in my blog that didn’t go down well with Lisa in Hawaii. I broke out in a sweat when I realised that I maybe had offended her. I can’t offend a kindred spirit. I edited the blog entry and emailed her. Also emailed Laurie Lapworth, professional photographer who photographed my dancing and bar exercises last Friday. Keen to see what the photos are like and also a touch apprehensive, because I don’t much like photos of myself and always fear that if I think I look awful that this will interfere with my desire to dance. (Oh, God, do I really look like THAT?)

So, danced on beach in a misty sunny swirl of light that is very September and oh, so beautiful. The Isle of White vanished in the distant haze, but I am sure it will be back another day.


25 Sept Wednesday

Collected my hat from the disco where I had left it. Checked email. The photos from the photo session by Laurie Lapworth arrived. At first sight I felt a touch uncomfortable with stills of dancing and with the portraits taken with my foot in my face, but when I studied them and edited them for use on-line I began thinking that they are really good. Laurie told me that the copies he has sent are ‘small’ for use on-line, but I know that many of the sites I use will regard them as too big so I have had to edit them down in size. No doubt when I try to upload them there will still be problems. No dancing today. Bought ticket for migration south in a few weeks time.

I have destroyed a pair of shoes in just 4 months dancing. The outer soles completely ripped-off and the hard foam under that worn down so much that I can feel the texture of the paving stones. Now wearing an old pair, which I was going to throw away, but which are much better than my ‘new’ ones.


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