27 Sept Friday

Today I can report that I did dance on the beach. Breezy with a rough sea and hazy sky. Ten wing-surfers (don’t know what they call it when they have a board and an inflated wing), a few walkers mostly dressed in thick jackets and me. It was windy enough and cool enough that I was in trousers and T-shirt rather than shorts.

Definitely end of season. I am here another 15 days.

Nothing much happened other than a middle aged couple coming down to talk to me, waving their hands to attract my attention, but not to talk about dancing. They want me to object to a planned electricity generating wind farm planned just off the coast. www.navitusbay.com www.challengenavitus.org.uk

This disturbed my dance state of mind for the next 15 minutes or so. Now I feel obliged to read up on the proposal to decide if I object or not.

(It seems ironic that if the plan were to demolish an old windmill people would be objecting to that.)

Dancing on the beach isn’t as much fun when I am on my own. For a loner I am such a social animal.


26 Sept 2013 Thursday

Beats me what happened on Thursday. I guess I didn’t dance on the beach or did I? Ah, uploaded the photos to https://beachdancer.wordpress.com and felt silly that I thought it had a maximum 1Mb upload limit when apparently it is 1Gb.  Having used most of the images I felt that I should have some more. I linked them to the photographer’s site, but that means you can’t click on the image to see it bigger. I do like the pencil drawing banner that appears 33% of the time that you read a page.

I probably did dance on the beach – did I? Well, obviously nothing happened of note if I did.


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