8 October 2013

I know I haven’t written in my diary for the last three days, but now that I see the date it would appear to have been a hiatus of over a week.

I think the reason was gloom. When the sky is dark I hibernate or go into some kind of zero short term memory loop where  the days are forgotten as soon as night falls.

The sun came out halfway on Saturday 5th of October and I danced on the beach. There were packs of dogs and photographers, interested in each other apparently.

Sunday lived up to its name and I heard applause from a crowd as I danced, but there seemed to be a marathon being run along the coast and I suspect the applause was to give some recompense to the stragglers, most of whom were walking the last few miles.

Some children joined me to dance and they were very bouncy and spinney. As we danced a passerby told the children, “You’re lucky to have the opportunity to dance with a professional choreographer.”

Or was he talking to me?

And today Monday the 8th another partially sunny day with dark clouds glooming the horizon, but the air very clear and sharp. Went to beach at about 1pm as the sun is now low, but I was suprised how warm it was. Didn’t have enough energy to do an encore.

Had a muscle twinge in lower back. A pain I can add to my right big toe, several other little toes, right ankle and knee.


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