11 October 2013
The problem with dancing in the centre of town is that I didn’t do enough prep. Today I have a pain near my shoulder blade that makes bending and deep breathing painful. Drat, should have down the prep.

Getting ready for migration.



10 October 2013
Went back to shop where I bought the headphones and was delighted by their actions. The took back the product and let me choose whether to take a direct replacement or choose another. Not trusting those fine cables I decided to change to a Sony product which looks stronger.

Unfortunately I preferred the sound and the comfort of the Sennheiser. Also the old ones fitted close to the head and allowed me to wear a wide brimmed hat over them, but the new ones are too big. You can’t have everything.. (Why not?) I tried some others at twice the price, but could not hear any difference. Nice day. Walked into centre of Bournemouth and wondered if I am brave enough to start dancing there on my own. Definitely felt inhibited. Would I do it? It was a challenge. Am I brave enough?


Apparently, yes, I am. Expect the video to be on-line soon.


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