17 Oct Thursday

Having done some research, decided to buy a SIM from Simyo, but as the shops don’t have them I bought one from HitsMobile instead which I know works because someone has one, but what calls cost I don’t know. I did look on their website, but they keep things secret as do many of the companies. The local mobile calls are somewhere in the same range as others, but what else they charge for it is impossible to find out until after you have the service. Now learn that if you don’t put more money in every 3 months you lose what you had. If you don’t make a call in a month they take E1.50.  No idea what calling UK costs as they don’t say anywhere.

With Lyca there were no such charges or need to put money in, but if not used you lose the line. I assume that my use in UK of just SMS messaging may be the reason I don’t have a connection now. OR maybe not. Oddly Lyca inform me that I have missed incoming calls, but they give me no connection so I can’t even call their customer service line.

I expect to get through a few changes of phone number from hereon, because it will take a while to find the service that suits. Doing research on line to find the details is incredibly time consuming and usually unsuccessful. The value of making the right choice doesn’t seem high enough to justify the effort – except for the frustration of continually changing one’s phone number.

Managed to transfer the phone numbers from the old SIM to the new one and in the process realised that one of the UK numbers had a spanish dial code which may explain why that one never worked. Sent some SMS messages which may or may not have arrived.

Having told the plumber that I am only available in the afternoon and that he can’t phone me because the phone isn’t working, he phoned and then came in the morning and then phoned again. (My phone doesn’t ring, but does tell me that I missed a call. Strange technology of frustration.)

Decided to try to avoid dancing for a few days in case I am causing my eye to bleed by bouncing it around. That will not be long possible, although the midday temperature is too high to be very tempting, I can’t keep away from it for long.

My local supermarket is still promising me grapefruit ‘manyana’.

And then the grapefruit arrived. I thanked the pretty assistant who ordered the fruit and she tells me she is ordering more for tuesday.


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