21 Oct Monday
Something must have happen, but the day is a blank except that I had some shopping delivered. I watched ‘America’s best dance crews’ which is a street dance competition. but they have jazzed it up, it seems to me, by having choreographers who introduce moves from other styles and various costumes and props. I find it interesting, although I mostly would not want to do what they do. I then watched Romeo & Juliet ballet, which being  ‘modern’ is full of ugliness and oddness and is SLOW and frankly boring. (I am getting very catty about other dancers it would seem.)

22 Oct Tuesday

Cloudy and so when I headed for the supermarket I dallied at the beach where I danced for some 20 minutes or so. Starting on the raised ‘stage’ which is actually part of a restaurant that is closed on Tuesdays. Bowed to a waitress next door who recognises me. A young woman danced next to me for a short while so that her friends could take some video. Later a boy tried to copy me when he was with his friends. I bowed to some youngsters who were watching from the beach, they applauded. Mostly ignored by customers in the bars and restaurants who may have seen me before or I’ve lost it. Then shopped and walked home feeling relaxed and hungry. The promenade here has some wonderfully big open areas obviously built just for me to dance upon.

Still trying to find out why the mobile phone doesn’t work. The company tells me it is still connected. They gave me details of how to get the phone to work, none of which work. I am of the opinion that they have changed to a different network while i was in England and that the coverage here isn’t good enough.

23 Wed 24 Thurs

Warm cloudy or overcast. Not sure what I did, but it was too warm to dance and so I danced anyway. A young woman videod from a great distance as she stood next to her seated male companion. Later she came a bit closer and I waved her toward me so she came much closer, took video and then turned and walked away without any acknowledgement.

Being videoed seems to make other persons more interested in watching. Perhaps they have a thought such as, “If she thinks it worth videoing maybe it isn’t as stupid as I think it is.”

25 Oct Friday
Clear sky and midday. Absurd to dance in this intense sunshine, to do so would be a risk to my health. Therefore I repeatedly used the beach showers to cool my arms and legs between sweat soaked dance sessions. A young woman in a cafe gave a thumbs up and later a little applause. Later a man made a point of standing up from his table and loudly applauding.

I have been here nearly two weeks and am now in the routine of being in Spain. It takes about a week to adjust. Now at 4 pm the sky is overcast; the rest of Spain has rain, but here I am drowsy and relaxed after dancing and then having lunch in the garden. If I dance enough the rest of the day is for recuperation and I am too tired to worry about anything (like phones that don’t work, money paid on one of them that I will probably lose, tax that still has not been paid, plants in the garden that have mysteriously turned black and died…. andf whatever hell else I am supposed to be doing that leaves me with a vague sensation of having been forgotten, but who cares?)

My friend the builder dropped by because I had sent him a message that one of the neighbours has a job for him, but I have not spotted the neighbour since I have been here so can’t tell him more.

I asked him if the Lyca phone he has works (mine doesn’t). He tells me ‘yes’, which makes me wonder because as I wrote above I assume that it lacks coverage here. Then as we talk he tells me that when he was working here at my house he couldn’t use Lyca because there is no signal. He then tells me that mine won’t work due to lack of coverage.

Questions have to be so carefully phrased if you want to know the answer to what you are thinking. When I asked if his worked, I meant “Here, Now”, but I think he must have answered a different question, “In general, out and about”. So when he then told me within a minute of saying “Yes, it works,” that “No, it doesn’t work”, he probably felt no contradiction.

Today I looked in the charity shops for music CDs and found none of interest. I failed to go on line to do some chores because the cyber had a note saying, “back in 10 minutes” which is one of those not very trustable notices. They really could be pre-printed although perhaps they are more effective when hand written; implying that the writer has CALCULATED the time. My assumption is that it is just a suitable waiting time. That the writer hopes that when he returns there may be someone waiting for up to 10 minutes and that 15 would be asking too much.

My ‘eye of the devil’ (bloodshot eye) is looking a lot better. The bright red has gone and shows just some yellowish brownish blotches.

Sometimes when I walk about or go into a shop I have a feeling that I am recognised as the nutter who dances. This may just be early stage paranoia, or it may be reality. There were 4 youths at a table in a cafe who seemed to be half smiling and watching me as I passed and some middle agers nodding or signalling to each other as I pass. (Maybe I have been watching too many CIA movies… of which yesterday I watched the Tome Cruise Cameron Dias ‘Knight and Day’ utterly absurd CIA movie which I quite liked.

(is it just me or do Tom Cruise and Cameron Dias both have odd shaped bodies? )

October 26 Saturday

A bit cooler this morning. For the first time the bathroom felt a touch chilly. The forcast is for a drop in temperature and maybe some rain on Tuesday. It has been unusually dry and warm. Most years I arrive to heavy rain storms.

The cool meant that I was expecting to dance, but when I arrived at the beach it seemed as hot as yesterday and so I had some moments of doubt before starting.
Some children find me very amusing and hard to understand. At one point there were 6 of them in a semicircle with 3 of them videoing me. Later, at another site, two young women and a boy videoing. I nearly gave out a flyer, but when I looked at it, I saw that the data was so out of date that it seemed even more pointless then usual.

The cyber was closed again so still haven’t done my chores.

Lots of tiny ants in the kitchen. All food is kept in plastic boxes, but the ants seem to be running a continual search of the territory.

27 October Sunday

Slept even later than usual. No energy. This is what happens after dancing every day and for the last two days dancing indoors late at night; a deep exhaustion which means that I stayed in the garden all day trying to read in a snoozy state. No shopping, no beach, no dance.

Decided that I should switch on the drip irrigation which I have avoided doing because of the fear that I will then spend an hour searching for and repairing the leaks. So, I switched it on and then spent an hour searching for and repairing the leaks. Baked in the sun and getting soaked by cold spray while my hands fight to squeeze bits of plastic into plastic tubes to keep the tubes locked together while the water tries to break them apart. The contest, which I won on points, was close and I think may be lost on appeal. (The water always wins long term because of its persistence at trying to split tubes and make joints fall apart.)

28 October Monday
Gee whiz woke up before 9 am. It’s a miracle. Went to cyber to check if I have received a reply from the fellow who has helped me with the tax paperwork in previous years: no reply. Went to bank to get new checque book and asked if they can do the paperwork; no (I wasn’t expecting much.) I will have to wade through the complications of the website (I looked again today and there is a long list of junk that you have to do to make the website respond correctly – just bad programming.) or I have to approach an ‘asesor’ (a middle man who make a living from knowing how to fill in absurdly badly designed government forms. One cannot fail to wonder if the forms are designed by the cousins of the asesors to keep them employed.)

The bank assistant asked me (in spanish) Who has sent you the tax? and when I obviously didn’t understand this she said it in english, “Who has sent you the tax?” which was just as baffling.

As I came out of the bank a man of about 40 said, “Excuse me…”
I turned to face him as he continued, “Do you speak english?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Are you the man who dances on the beach?”
“Yes, I am the man who dances on the beach.”
“My girlfriend always wants to ask you what music you listen to.”
I explain that it changes, that today it is “Nellie Fur…”
“Nellie Furtado,” he completes the name, before adding, “My girlfriend loves your dancing.”
“Oh, that’s very nice, thank you.”
And then he climbed into a pick-up truck and was gone.

I headed to the beach and was again struck by the heat and the stupidity of dancing in it as I stupidly danced in the heat. A few more telephone memories have been clogged with video of my sweaty dancing.

I only lasted about 20 minutes, just long enough to be soaked in sweat and to have a increasingly noticeable pain between ribs just below my left shoulder blade. At the end I tried, but failed to put my left foot up on a high bar where I usually put it to do a final head to the knee bend. That movement was too painful. Now, some 3 hours later I can’t breath very deeply and some bending is still too painful.

The SMS messages I sent to the UK apparently did not arrive, but the ones sent in spain did arrive.  I find telephones a lot of trouble for very little benefit. I looked on the website of the phone company, they have changed their charge rules since the last time I looked (last week). I have emailed them asking what iot costs to call the UK and 901 numbers in Spain. (They don’t bother putting this basic data on their website.)

While in the cyber there was a woman of about 65 asking how to open messages on her phone.

I am thinking of adding to my promotional materials a banner saying, “Banned from facebook for not being a real person” and “Twice banned from Twitter”

29 October Tuesday

My back aches, my left forearm aches, my right knee aches. I feel tired. The day is overcast, dark and maxed at 23 (which, believe it or not, feels chilly) Had no desire to go anywhere so I read the Sunday Telegraph that I bought at the airport on the 13th (what’s a 2 week delay?). My, how awful England is, or so it seems when I read the paper. The country is covered in wind farms and foreigners, both sucking the honest british yeoman dry. (I thought that yeoman was an American who says, “Yo, Man!”)

The best part of a wind farm is the unreliability which means having a conventional power station waiting to be switched on when the wind is the wrong kind of wind.

I am still curious if these new windmills will eventually be liked and then will be restored and kept running even if they don’t produce enough electricity.

My favourite British story is that having passed laws to increase the price of electricity (to protect the environment) Labour now wants to freeze the price to protect consumers.

This cycle us very familiar – Politicians do something and then blame business for what the politicians did and then have to bring in regulations to control businesses that were doing what the politicians required them to do.

A typical example is that Politicians talk about nationalising some industry. The owners stop repairing and re-building because they know it will be taken away from them and so the Politicians justify taking control because the owners are not repairing or rebuilding.

Politicians freeze the price of electricity. The companies don’t build new facilities because the frozen price makes investment pointless and so the politicians HAVE TO take control due to the lack of investment.

I have been watching an American ‘reality’ about pawnbrokers. Not just one, but two or maybe three different series. One in LA, one in Detroit and somewhere else (Las Veghas). The Detroit one fascinates me because the people are very poor, proud, mostly black, mostly wobbly fat, and rude and like a powder keg.

They DEMAND to be lent money and will not leave until they get ‘their’ money. No one asks about interest rates or conditions. If the staff offer a loan that is less than the customer needs there seems to be no way to explain.
“I need 400.”
“The article is worth about 350, I can’t lend you more than 200.”
“No way! I NEED 400. Give me my 400!”
This usually ends badly with a very big man ushering the customer to the door while the customer shouts things like, “Get your filthy hands off me you idiot” and “That bitch won’t give me my money. The idiot.”

In one of the other brokers the boss told each employee what that employees margin had been the last month (sale price divided by purchase price) they were between 25% and 9%. He was unhappy with less than 25% if I remember correctly.

In Detroit the owner likes to buy fancy cars which then get stored in the back surround by loads of junk. He sold a customised old car for 17,000 which he had bought for 6,000 but it took 3 years to sell. His family said it sounded bad, he said it was good. No one bothered to do the math (perhaps they don’t know how, perhaps they know it will do no good). I think it is a 42% annual return. My guess is that their jewels sell in 6 months at about 30% which would be some 60% pa.

What I find oddest is that they obviously display their jewelry, but they hide their cars. (I supppose they don’t have the room.)

30 Octubre Martes

The area around the beach was very wet with puddles below a grey sky and I was in my water resistant trousers and jacket with no desire to dance (well a little, but no dancing today)

31 Octubre Miercoles

A fairly sunny day, but with 10C overnight, a bit chilly when I went out. Went to the office of an ‘asesor’ to find out how much they would charge to fill in and print out the tax forms. Euro60 which seems pricey to me for 30 mins of secretarial work at max. I would have agreed at 40 or less, but at 60 I am going to have another go at doing it myself on the web.

Danced in the relative cool which is much more comfortable.  Two young women videod. I bowed to them and they applauded. I moved on to my next dance place some 50 metres farther and they followed and sat down to watch again. When I left to my next dance place, I waved goodbye and they waved back.

Two children bounced around looking very silly (perhaps even sillier than I look). Later they seemed to be trying to copy me, but dad took them away.

One of my street neighbours has broken her pelvis and is bed ridden. Another suddenly found that walking hurts her legs so much that she went to the hospital in the town where she was visiting, but was sent home because apparently the system here requires that she goes to her own region’s hospital. Now she is home with her son visiting. My tennis playing neighbour with whom I have played some 18 years is not going to play ever again (or so I suspect) because one of his calves hurts too much when he exercises. (Everyone is getting old)

After dancing for some 40 mins I stopped, walked home, made lunch and then lay down and snoozed for one or two hours. (Everyone is getting old)

Of course my relative activity isn’t because I am so much tougher, but because I am younger than those neighbours.

I wonder, will I be dancing at 65? 70? Tomorrow?

I have been thinking that something happened which I have forgotten, and now I remember, but am not sure if I have already told you about it.
I was dancing and a woman with a young child in her arms started to dance a few metres away, turning and concentrating on the child. I started dancing around the two of them. This seemed to amuse the spectators.


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