1 Nov Viernes

So the reason I have today for not doing the internet based chores is that I did not realise that today is a fiesta (public holiday). I went to the cyber, saw that it was closed and then saw that several other places were also closed. So, went to the beach and danced. Clear sky.

There was some applause, but I have forgotten exactly where or why.

When I finished a group of boys (maybe 12 years old) repeteadly requested ‘uno mas’ (one more). I gave in and danced until the cable came loose from the CD player. These youngsters were puzzled by the circular music player. I presume that they only know telephones and maybe small square MP3 players. How funny it is that a digital CD is archaic technology.

They each had a turn listening to the music.

As they were keen I gave them flyers which they grabbed and then thanked me. I had to explain that the word ‘search’ means ‘buscar’. “Es ingles?”
“Si, soy ingles”
One of the boys turned to another to say, “Tu puedes hablar con el en ingles.”  (I leave this to you to translate.)

After shopping the area seemed very populated and if my backpack were not filled with veggies and fruit whichare best brought home speedily, I would have danced some more.

Later, as I walked home, far from the beach a group of youngsters (guess 16 year olds) seemed to be talking about me (my paranoia again) one of the girls was bending in a way that I think was imitating one of my exercises. I smiled and she said, “Hola”.

When an english person says that word it is usually with emphasis on the ‘o’, but the spanish emphasise the ‘la’. Here the ‘o’ virtually dissapears… oLAAAAAA.

2 Noviembre Sabado

A sunny day which warmed-up a lot by afternoon after a cold night. The evenings need warm socks and a woolly hat and a cardigan, because the indoor temperature is about 19C, but right now in the last of the sun at 4.30 pm I am hotter than I wish to be. (It is a shame that with all the trees the house doesn’t get warmed-up by the sunshine anymore.)

I danced mostly in the shade of the restaurants which meant being where people are walking rather than having a wide area to myself. People watch for a while then get bored and move on. (Perhaps they are waiting for the acrobats.)
Far fewer persons around this saturday than yesterday’s public holiday.

Danced until I was ready to drop and then just a bit more. Came home for lunch and then lay down for an hour or two.

My day starts with trying to do some chores (such as paying tax or sweeping the floors) then down to the supermarket and dancing on the beach. Slow walk home drained of all energy for lunch, read a while and possible cardiac arrest. Probably ‘hechar una siestita’ (snooze) an hour or two then write diary and make dinner possibly listening to a TV news channel. Watch some ‘reality’ on TV and then either watch a movie or play an old playstation game. Sometimes I do a little bit of indoor dance late at night, but best not because I usually suffer for it the next morning. Some days I don’t dance because I am still worn out from the previous days’ efforts.

What a full life I lead with half or more of my waking hours in a state of exhaustion.

The idea that I could organise something or go somewhere or improve the house is absurd. The only things I can imagine doing is finding a softer chair to snooze in or a better video game to play. (But how would I arrange either or those when I have no energy to go anywhere?)

Huh? You suggest that I could do this on the internet? But I only have a few minutes to do all my chores and going on-line conflicts with going to the beach to dance. If I had these things at home, maybe, but to arrange that means going somewhere to sort it all out and I just can’t be bothered.

The sun has now dropped below the pine trees on the hill to the west and so the temperature is starting to drop.

3 Nov Domingo
Feeling sleepy, but the day is sunny and warm. I don’t need to shop and they are closed anyway so although I thought that I could go to the beach late afternoon I didn’t. A snoozy sunday ‘como dios manda’.

4 Nov Lunes

Woke up early on a grey overcast cool day. Really want to go on-line and try, yet again, to prepare those tax forms.  The local ‘asesor’ wanted E60 to fill in and print a single page form, the other ‘asesor’ wants E50.

I felt that a fair price was E25 or less and I would go to E40 because trying to get the website to work had been far beyond my abilities.

Much to my surprise the website worked today without any great effort and I actually printed out the Modelo 210 tax forms (3 pages) for ‘la renta imputada’ (which sounds a bit rude to me in spanish). I need to take it to the bank to actually pay the tax and so fate can still impede the process by my not having the ‘yellow copy’ or some other impossible to predict error.

I was so suprised at its working (after some 6 previous attempts) that my mind went into a limbo for a minute or two.

My mate the builder told me that I should put a cover on the swimming pool which would cost less than E100. When he told me I thought it would be E500 or more. Today I looked at a website (not spanish) and have the impression that the materials alone would cost a bit more than E1,000. (The cheaper covers sit on top of the water and let the rain pass through. What I would need has to be waterproof and strong enough to not sag with water and to walk on to remove debris.) If it is practical I would probably do it, but someone has to investigate it.

It seems that Britain is now the most xenophobic of the european countries. Brits seem to think that everyone wants to live in Britain, but in the list of how many non-EU foreigners in each EU country (compared to population) Britain is 14th on the list and has roughly half as many foreigners as Spain has. (Britain has fewer than the average for the 27 EU countries) (BUT Don’t know about EU citizens – only saw figures for non-EU)

Apparently, what is different about UK is that many social services don’t require a history of contributions. In many EU countries you can only claim some payments if you have contributed something over some period. Newly arrived foreigners cannot, because they haven’t. In the UK where there isn’t a need to have contributed newly arrived foreigners can claim.

The mornings and evenings indoors are chilly. I should put the heating on, but I am always reluctant to admit that the warm weather is over and so I suffer for a while.

I went into one of the Chinese run shops. I would like to buy a new bigger backpack. I examined the one they had, trying all the zips and pulling on each of the straps. (I have experience of these things. Often the products are of such low quality that they break during this examination.) This one seemed solid but had straps without the click-fit connectors. I showed the assistant who went into the storeroom to get another one. That meant that I had to start over again, pulling and clicking. She put the original back on display so as to annoy some other customer or to lose a sale from a customer who doesn’t want to ask why there are bits missing. Meanwhile one of the click-fit fasteners snapped in my hand as I squeeze tested it. I showed her the broken piece. She fished out another from a drawer and swapped them over. I continued pulling and zipping and then tried the new fastener which although strong did not ‘click’ becuase it was smaller than the place it is supposed to click into. I showed her and she looked puzzled. At this point I decided that the gods did not want me to buy this backpack.

Noviembre 5 Martes

A suprisingly warm morning at about 22C after a mild night 17C. Therefore I went out in shorts and a sports shirt which turned out to be just right for today’s weather. Went to bank to find out what problem would prevent the payment of the tax…

The expected problems (no pink copy, wrong ‘flagul’ code or some other absurd rule) did not occur and so I had to be satisfied with there being no working computer terminals in the branch due to a communications failure.

And that is what happened. So I can try to pay the tax another day.

Went shopping and then to dance. The beach was deserted today. There were just a few persons walking on the paved areas or sitting in restaurants. I danced in a few locations, was videoed a few times and one woman came over signalling that she would like to listen to the music. A few workers and customers came out to watch the nutter for a while.

The sun came out while I was dancing and I slipped on a fallen leaf, but without injury.

Been here 3 weeks and have not yet been to the library. The new library which I saw being built a couple of years ago is now open, or so I have been told. It may be that the old one in the town is now closed, in which case I will have no reason to go into the town. There is nothing much to go to in the town except the post office, the health centre and a Thursday morning open air market, some supermarkets and electrical goods stores. The new library is near the port.

6 Noviembre Miercoles

Got ready to go out, but the day seemed so unseasonably warm that I decided not to go. The day maxed at 27C with full sun. I think it would have been risky to dance in that.

7 Noviembre Jueves

Cooler at about 22C and sunny I went to bank and was relieved that the process of paying the tax went without hitch. This is the first year that I have handled the paperwork myself and it only took about 8 hours work (for something that should be possible to do in 20 minutes). [Doing it myself probably cost me 7 hours extra effort and saved E50. Next year it should take less than an hour and again should save E50]

Went to beach and danced in the shade and the gentle breeze which was very comfortable. Videoed by 3 persons. Only danced in one location because having been to the bank I arrived near the supermarket and could not shop until after dancing, because the shopping included yogurt which is best taken home immediately.

Here in Spain the leader of the opposition political party (which used to be in power) has hit a record in public confidence. A record 91% of the public DO NOT have confidence in him.

My impression of the man who is in power is that he was elected because during the election period he managed to avoid making any comment of importance about anything.

In an American program called something like ‘1,000 wierd ways to die’ which claims to be re-enactments of actual deaths had the following bizarre event:
An American armed robber stops a large truck intending to steal it, but the woman in charge of the truck ignores the pistol and shoves the man against the pipework at the rear of the cabin. He collides with the pressure hoses with such force that an air pipe enters his rectum and the high pressure air inflated him until he exploded.

I am sure that you are glad I shared that with you.

Nov 8 Viernes

I have forgotten to pay the plumber for the work done about a month ago. Must try to remember to go to his office on Monday.

Went to beach this partly cloudy mild day and danced for a while. Near the end of the dance I did some exercises as usual. Some middle aged persons about 100  metres away were trying to do the same exercises and I felt that I should go over to warn them not to. The way they were doing them seemed to me to be likely to hurt.

I suspect that for the older audience my twisting and bending causes more sensation that the dancing. I now routinely do some movements that I could not do 1 year ago. What will I be doing next year?

I have watched some of the spanish version of the wife-swapping series where two incompatible families temporarily swap mothers. Having been chosen to be incompatible it is no surprise that they don’t get on very well. As it is always the women who change environment it seems reasonable that it would be the women who get the most upset: the men and children stay in their homes and just have to cope with the intruder whereas the women not only have to cope with the strangers but also being away from their normal environment.

Most seem to assume that their own life is the norm and that anything different is perverted. They tend to lecture each other and in trying to impose their own behaviour on the others they believe that they are doing a favour to the misguided family. If only you would act like I act your life would be so much better.

No doubt this is encouraged by the producers to create emotional TV.

At the end, it is almost always the case that the reunited couples are delighted to be away from the hell of dealing with the ‘other’.

It makes me think how well suited most of these couples are and how little anyone wants his life to be ‘improved’ by imposition of someone else’s rule.

The main shock for me is that the people who live in poorish areas of Madrid speak with an accent and with abreviated words that makes it into absolute gibberish for my ears.

I read about the provincial TV channel here in Valencia (channel 9) last year. It seemed to be grossly over-staffed with an enourmous loss making budget and a fairly small audience. Officially it is supposed to promote the regional language and most of it is therefore not in the spanish that I understand, but in Valencian. I suspect that its other purpose is jobs for politican’s cousins. The lack of money in the government coffers lead to the channel trying to reduce its staff, but this was challenged and defeated. The result appears to be that the channel has been grabbed by the staff. The broadcasts all have a new logo ‘RTTVnoestanca’ which I think means ‘not closing’.

The local languages are the source of a lot of emotion. Left to themselves the local locals speak Valencian, but a TV channel would be unlikely to want to limit its audience or its source of programmes. But group politics goes to places that individual group choice doesn’t.

All the regional TV channels appear to be vastly more expensive and overstaffed compared to the national commercial channels. A normal consequence of being set up and run by politicians.

Nov 9 Sabado
Fresh sunny day with a max around 22C.  A Brit came over to me and asked, “Do you remember me from England?”
“Yes,” I lied. She and her husband chatted  with me for a while about nothing in particular and suggested that next time I join them for coffee. I went back to dancing and at my next location there was some applause from two persons at different tables in the bar.

Fairly often there will be staff from a cafe or shop who have come out to watch me. Sometimes I wave to them and it is a matter of chance whether they wave back or ignore me. Today I waved to one of them and was ignored.

Latter when two boys started dancing near me in the usual “Are they making fun of me or trying to copy something that impresses them?” I can’t tell.

I continued after they had left and then at the point of exhaustion I did me end exercises and then sat down. A woman walked over to me and only when she was close did I recognise her. I have known her for more than 10 years, but haven’t seen her in some time. She told me about the death of her dog and I told her about my cat. We shared sympathy for these devastating emotional events. I told her about dancing and she told me that her 10 year old grandson dances. She tried to show me a video of him on her phone dancing on a rugby field when he was playing rugby (an unusual combination), but I didn’t have my reading glasses so only saw little blobs bouncing around.

She does something which I find hard to understand. She goes to england by car for a large part of the winter and taking a day to drive to Barcelona where she picks up her daughter who has flown FROM England and then they both drive to England.

It makes sense for those who enjoy travelling by car through Spain and France stopping at pretty B&Bs over a 4 to 5 day trip.

If the life swapping program were involved they would swap me for her as I would probably hate a 5 day drive to England.

10 Nov Domingo

Cool day with lots of cloud, perfect for dancing. Went to beach listening to my one and only french CD.  I understand one or two of the words in each song. It is good walking music but not so good for the beach because the tempo is so slow in most of the songs.

As I don’t shop on sundays I went without the backpack which gives a freedom I don’t normally have. I don’t have to keep an eye on where I have left the backpack nor stay near it.

It took a very long time to get into the dance. When dancing slowly people hardly notice or they react with that half smile that one gives to the crazy person. When I dance fast I think that they think that something is really happening, that I may still be nuts, but I am doing something and they tend to stand or sit to watch for a while.

At one point there were little children all around me in that strange state of fascination and perplexion.

Near the end of my session things were going much better although my energy levels were getting low. This happens to have been perhaps the only sunday I have danced this season; the other sundays I was too exhausted to stand up.

11 Noviembre Lunes

The beach was empty. I danced in the shade.

A young man, who was limping by next to a women pushing an empty wheelchair, gave me a wave. A day or two ago a middle aged woman whose left leg dragged in a way that suggested having suffered a stroke had signalled to me and moved her arms rythmically. I smile and wave.

I always feel a little odd when displaying the control, power, and perhaps grace of my movements when someone is wobbling or limping by. I don’t much like the idea of ‘look what I can do that you cannot’, but then most of the normal persons (especially my age) can’t do these things, and to the wobbling and limping person every one who can walk without aid is doing something that they cannot.

12 Noviembre Martes

Planned to go to the new library, but after eating breakfast I glanced at the clock. Being 12 noon meant that the library would be close to closing by the time I arrived. Therefore I went dancing and shopping.

A sunny day somewhere above 21C.

After dancing for some time I reached the end of the promenade near to the supermarket. Four policement stood chatting and watching me for a while. Then a pair of woman and one other came and sat near to where I was dancing. I bowed to them, they clapped. I continued and then in a pause one of the women started to address me.
“De cual nacionalidad es?”
I didn’t hear what she said, but after repeating it I told her that I was english. She asked if I was (in a past tense) a professional dancer. Then why I was in Javea. She asked what I do when not dancing, do I paint or write? I told her that I sleep because I use up all my energy dancing.
I asked if she danced and her reply was “I am French” which I assume means she misheard me rather than being a definitive answer to whether someone dances. I told her that the music I was listening to is French, Patricia someone. She replied Patricia Kaas, which is correct, but then added that that singer is in fact Russian and that the speaker does not like her music.

She told me that it was a pleasure to watch and she bid me farewell.

I continued to dance for another 10 minutes or so and then went shopping and back home for lunch at 3pm.

The plan is library mañana.

I am sitting on a sofa under a thin roof in the carport where the last of the sun remains at just before 5pm and there is a small black cat on the roof leaning over in the hope that I will stand up and stroke its head. Obviosuly, I do as requested and then after sitting down again the cat wonders off.

A few days ago, after a similar interlude with this cat, my neighbour came into my garden searching for the cat. After telling her that the cat had left some 20 minutes ago, my neighbour returned to her house and the cat appeared from some bushes. I considered phoning the neighbour, but thought that the cat was happy and I am too lazy and too mean with money to spend the 40 cents it would cost to call. The cat went home, or so I thought, but was back again half an hour later.

My neighbour prefers the cats to be punctual.

13 Nov Miercoles

Overcast so I did go to the new library which I had to search for as I had not been there before. An interesting new building with lots of glass wall and lots of empty shelves. They seem to have moved the books from the old port library which was much smaller. They have ‘wifi’ which here is pronounced to sound like something smelly (whiffy) but only two computers for public use which were in use by the public so I couldn’t go on line. I looked around the library and borrowed 3 books, one of which is written together with Cesar Milan (the famous mexican dog man with a TV series who works in LA)

He was an illegal immigrant into California at 20 who spoke no english who went to a place he had never heard of called San Diego. His first regular job was washing dogs in a dog ‘beauty parlour’ which he had heard existed but had never believed when he lived in Mexico. Having grown up on a farm with working dogs who were not trained or put on a leash he couldn’t believe the amount the owners spent on their dogs and how troubled the dogs seemed to be.

He says that the happiest dogs in America belong to homeless people because they walk miles every day and don’t get bored or spoilt. (That should upset his clients).

He gives a list of self-help authors, all of whom I have read and whom I classify as weavers of unsupported hypothesies presented as facts.

Cesar writes about ‘energy levels’ of animals which all animals can instinctively detect. He writes that the animals in our gardens don’t fight each other, but live in harmony. (The squirrels in my garden in england don’t seem to have read his book so they continually fight). Both those statements seem hypothesies lacking evidence. He also writes that being a leader is more stressful than being a follower – ah, he doesn’t read the same books I read. My sources all say the opposite, that leaders are less stressed, healthier and live longer than followers.

Where I believe him is in what he demonstrates repeatedly in his programmes (and a spaniard has a similar programme here in spain), that if you understand dog behaiour and continually correct the first signs of what you don’t want, the dog will become submissive and stop those behaviours.

The trouble is that this takes some skill and continual dominance by the owner. Many owners don’t want that kind of relationship with their dog.

14 Noviembre Jueves

Big storm here early this morning woke me up with thunder. Tried to remind myself that if I have heard thunder this tells me that I survived the lightening.

Went on-line and the chores took more than an hour. This left me hungry and so I shopped and came home.

15 Noviembre Viernes

Much cooler (max for day 16C) and very windy, but a sunny morning PERFECT for dancing because the cool and the wind means that I don’t overheat. Danced until exhausted and then danced a bit more. Beach empty, many restaurants closed probably until Christmas. A waitress in an empty restaurant stood watching me, which I like, but what else did she have to do?

Cesar says that dogs should get so much exercise and go so many places that they come home absolutely relaxed and ready to sleep. I think that is what Noel does and it is what dancing does to me. It is how most of humanity probably used to live.

This town has a dog rescue centre supported by donations and by a charity shop. I often hear the dogs barking at night and some time ago they asked if anyone knew what could be done to quieten them. Apparently the most common suggestion was, “Shoot them”. Reading this book I assume the only answer is to exhaust them running miles every day.

16 Nov sabado
Can’t remember.

17 Noviembre Domingo

A cold day and even colder in the house so I skated for 74 minutes in the first session of this season, which heats me up so much that wearing shorts and protective gear still leaves me sweaty. Wonderful the warming effect of raw fear.  Don’t know if there will be a second session.

18 Nov Lunes
The electricity company forwarned us that the power would be off from 8am to midday, so I stayed up late and planned to sleep late. Woke at about 11.30 and the power came back on at 12. Went shopping and dancing. A young woman having lunch in one of the restaurants applauded.

19 Nov Martes
Did my 6-weekly shopping to be delivered that evening. Then went to beach to dance. The shoes that I have worn down past the soles and into the spongey filler are now so thin that it hurts like dancing barefoot. I think it is time to give up on them. The shame is that when they are partially worn out they are better than new. That is the problem of dancing in sports shoes which aren’t made for the task.

20 Nov Miercoles
Went on-line to do some chores. Have to arrange something with bank in UK. This is never easy to do from Spain. All the reports in newspapers about how easy it is to handle financial affairs across borders at the click of a mouse button leaves me wondering how it is done. Something always has to be sent in the post and often the banks want proof of identity that is very hard to supply. Only did 1/3rd of what needs to be done. Didn’t want to stay there very long in case I became too hungry to dance. So shopped ( always need something) and danced.

21 Nov Jueves
Noticed that I have a broken window. The glass has cracked and needs replacing. Did I break this last night?

22 Nov Viernes & 23 Nov Sabado
No memory of Friday, but on saturday I was so tired that I went for a walk instead of a dance. Had a look in the huge chinese run general store, in which I found nothing that I wish to buy. Oh, just remembered a woman (who I assume was responding to my dancing) dancing along the promenade by the side of her male companion who ignored everything.

24 Nov Domingo
Still felt tired, but went to beach to dance. A 15C clear skyed day meant that the promenade had lots of people wandering about and supervising their children playing on the climbing frames, plus lots of customers in the restaurants. I tried to stop dancing three times before deciding that I had danced until I was drained, at which point I finally stopped.

I am now so relaxed that I cannot be bothered to do anything. Preparing lunch was a challenge and then after reading for a while I will have to figure out where to get the energy to cook dinner.

On a day such as this my life is full just from dancing and eating, with the rest of the time filled in reading or watching TV. Is there more to life than this? Should I be doing something else?

25 Nov Lunes
Always strange to me how the first day of the working week is so different to the Sunday. The mass of young families which filled the promenade yesterday and which has left it empty today.

I danced before shopping and after about 20 minuntes, during a pause between songs, a woman waved me towards her. I walked over to the edge of the sand, “Hola,” I said as I removed the headphones. She and the woman next to her started to talk to me in Spanish, but we switched to English. One was spanish, the other from Slovakia. The Slovak asked me in several ways whether I had ever been a professional dancerr, been involved in choreography, ever danced in theatres. “So dance has never been part of your professional life?” (I was tempted to ask if she had ever been in the police, the secret police or a trial lawyer.)

“It makes my day to see you,” she said, “and now I’ve spoken with you.”

They both told me that it is nice to see someone who doesn’t care what other people think. – (Isn’t that a strange comment?)

As we talked I told them that sometimes it is difficult to start dancing and I spoke of not being sure if I would be brave enough to dance in a city centre, but that I did.

“So, you do think about what others think, but you do it anyway?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Oh, I am glad I spoke to you.”

While she was discussing my being able to do things in public without embarrassment she had liberated one of her breasts so that her toddler would suckle.

The spanish woman told us that she has a nude picture of herself on Facebook, and then searched her mobile to find it. At this point I made my excuses and left.

Later, when dancing in another location the spanish woman came over to dance with me. She waved her arms and moved gently around in flowing movements with her eyes closed. Her dog tried to calm her by biting her leg. I felt somewhat more self-concious. When she finished I congratulated her and she hugged me.

Having read the Cesar Milan book and watched ‘Malas Pulgas’ on TV, I now see dog behaviour differently. The woman’s dog jumped up at her and bit her leg when she danced. The dog is dominant and treats her as a follower. When the woman starts behaving oddly (dancing) the dog needs to tell her to behave properly and does this by biting her.

Another thing I have learnt is that dogs don’t want strangers to greet them with words and especially not by touching. They expect us to stay fairly still and quite allowing the dog to sniff us or for us to sniff them. The submissive polite way to meet a dog is to let it sniff us. The dominant way would be to sniff the dog, but who wants to do that?

If a dog is boisterous or aggressive or frightened it is best not to show any affection because the dog interprets that as submissive encouragement. (The experts say that a frightened dog which you cuddle is being told ‘Good Boy, be frightened.’)

These experts compare that with children who should be comforted. I wonder if that is right? Are humans that different? Do we not associate reward with our current behaviour?

In some of the dog programmes we see small dogs which wreck homes and snap at visitors. The expert explains that the dogs have been adored and fussed over by the owners, loved like babies. The result of this is to convince the dog that it is the leader (why else would the humans be so subservient?), but the little dog is not up to the task of being dominant and so lives terrified of visitors and other dogs.

When the expert arrives he spends a long time being calm and close to the snapping terrified dog until the dog gives up. The expert rewards the dog whenever its body language is submissive. Having convinced the dog that it is NOT the leader, the dog relaxes. No longer having to be the leader means not having to attack visitors and other dogs. How ironic, that all the ‘love’ demonstrated by the owners had caused such anxiety and bad behaviour in the dog.

The impression these programmes leave me with is that many dog owners want an emotional companion and that a dog is not really suitable. A dog wants a pack with a leader who dictates and enforces the rules (by biting). Being carressed, kissed and carried confuses the dog.

Another irony is that we all know how excited a dog is when he knows that it is time to go ‘walkies’, but the experts say you must avoid this excitement and if the dog is excited you need to bite him and calm him down before going out.

If the experts are right, and taking into account how wrong most of us are about how to treat a dog, I wonder what we would learn if we had experts in human behaviour (I think thay would have to be aliens who observe us from outside the species).

26 Nov Martes, 27 Nov Miercoles
Danced, days cooler and mostly overcast.

28 Nov Jueves
Stayed indoors due to cool overcast day with rain and because I felt tired. Made my first phone call using the new service to renew library books. I have had the phone card since 17 Oct (6 weeks exactly) and this is my first phone call. What a chatterbox!

29 Nov Viernes
When I went out I found, stuffed in the gate, a notification from the post office that they are holding something that I need to go to collect. The postman didn’t bother opening the gate probably either assuming it to be locked or fearing the dogs that I don’t have.

My mind is wandering over what the mystery delivery could be.

Went on-line to do chores. Tried to arrange some bank things which took more than an hour and may not have worked. One of the banks says it will write to my address in UK for more information. As that is likely to take 2 weeks before I receive it in Spain what’s the point of my doing it on-line?

I read email. Received an unusual and moving email from my friend the builder whose written spanish is a challenge. He wrote that he is not my son or my brother, but that how I treat him is so considerate that he loves me. (This is the first time I have been told that by a man.) He goes on to say that I deserve all the happiness in the world.

Isn’t that nice?

Opened my mail box and when I got back to open the forwarded UK mail I noticed that the local property tax was not taken out of my account in October. That makes me wonder if the mystery delivery is a notification of failure to pay the tax (which would mean an automatic surcharge of a couple of hundred euros – even if the error is the Council’s)

That is now on my mind together with what to do about the bank transactions. I dislike how my mind focusses on this drivel.

30 Nov Sabado
A cold overcast day. The night had a low of 3C and when I went out this morning it was 8C. Was thinking that I would not bother going out in the gloom, but decided to go. This is the first day that I have taken the cold seriously; dressed in jeans and a thick jacket with ski gloves.

Felt sure that I would not want to dance in this cold gloom.

Down near the beach there was thumping repetitive music. I searched for the source. Lots of 4 wheel drive vehicles lined up, each with a sign on them. It was the first stage in an overland race to Morocco. Each of the vehicles was announced and drove up to a ramp where theyt were photographed together with two attractive (one beautiful, the other not so) promotional models dressed in black, advertising an ‘energy drink’.

‘Mmmm,’ I said to myself. I think I will be dancing after all, but first I went to the supermarket to buy some fruit and then did my warm-up exercises. I considered going over to the display area to dance, but settled for the beach promenade closest to that area. The music was plently loud enough at a distance of 150 metres. It was different dancing to music that everyone could hear and it was fast and very repetitive. I was soon warm and stripped down to my T-shirt.

The car event ceased, but the music continued (and for me it improved as they played what might be called ‘dance’ versions of songs I knew. That is the music had a superimposed heavily accentuated and consistent beat for those whose grasp of rhythm needs a bit of help). As I continued dancing two young women and 3 young men approached. One of the young women asked (in accented english) “Can we dance with you?” I said, “Sure.”

They were the promotional models. They danced either side of me. Then I danced around them, and when I danced bending my knees and swaying from side to side going up and down they copied this and one of them said, “Me muere” which is more or less, “This is killing me.” One of the males took some video, handed me a promo can of the energy drink and they left. (I should have asked for a copy, but I rarely think of this when I am dancing.)

Now even hotter I took off the T-shirt and continued and then moved towards another location as the music had stopped and I reverted to my headphones. As I walked barechested amongst people in thick jackets and woolly hats a very round woman said something to me, obviously refering to being cold or hot. I took off the headphones. “Aren’t you cold?” she asked in english tinted with an American accent. Then she asked me what nationality I am and appeared surprised when I said English. Then she started to compliment me. “You are a wonderful dancer. You are spectacular. You entertain me when I am having coffee in the cafe.”
I barely had time to thank her as she gushed. “Why do you do it? Are you just taken by the music?” Then she greeted someone she recognised and asked if they had seen me dance and she was keen to tell them “He’s English” (Perhaps we Brits are known for all having two left feet.)

I danced long-time. It is always a boost to dance with pretty girls and to be complimented.

Managed to forget the things that were bouncing around in my head.


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