1 Marzo 2014 Sabado

Overcast cool morning. In a better mood (no idea why). Bumped into neighbour who some time ago had suggested that I would be appearing in the local newspaper. I told him that his prediction had now come true.
Saw other neighbours who told me that they had seen my photo in the papers and asked ironically if they were still permitted to shake my hand.

My neighbour pointed out that the newspaper called me Jeremy which is wrong. The newspaper did indeed get my name wrong, but I think they called me Jeffrey. So, Peter, Gordon, Jeffrey, HH and now Jeremy.

What’s my name?  The Beachdancer.

Waved to a few strangers in restuarants who signalled the question of whether I was going to dance. Have the feeling that one of the strangers was someone I know, but not sure.

Should have gone on-line, but didn’t.

Got wet in shower walking home.

Watching events in Ukraine.
On Russian TV: Fascist mob paid by West taken over Kiev and threatening rest of country. Russian troups to protect Ukraine.
CNN: Russian land grab threatens world peace.
Response from Kiev – Russia has invaded Ukraine.
The silliest thing is that new government decides to remove Russian as an official language of Ukraine thereby slapping russian speakers who are most of population in east of country. Not surprising that the easterners then worry about what else may be done to them especially as they watch Russian TV which is full of propaganda about facists threatening the stability of the country and, at any moment, going to appear in a town near you causing mayhem and murder.
Oddly the western press doesn’t discuss the ‘facist’ nature of the new government nor do they explain the above Russian point of view. Therefore Russian actions seem a shock.

2 March 2014 Domingo

A beautiful sunny day with a breeze. While dancing I heard someone saying in Spanish that if they found out what music I was dancing to maybe they would be able to dance like me. They were probably in their late 20s or early 30s. I let each one of them listen to the music in turn. “Not what I expected,” was the general reaction to the music. This was at the Octupus Tavern which is a pub with seating on the beachside of the building and often has a small crowd standing at the side too. It is a younger place than most of the restaurants, but the music they play does not appeal to me. They asked if I could dance to the music being played. My reply was that it did not appeal. Someone decided to change the music to the BeeGees singing, I think it may have been ‘Night fever’. I said that this was music from my youth, but that I don’t find it appealing, that the rythm is too simple and repetitive. The bar tender came out, asked me if I would like some water, and then asked what music I liked. He listened and said, “I don’t have anything like that.” Later he played the Robert Thicke recent hit whose title I don’t remember (Red lines?)and I danced to this. It makes a difference to the audience when they can see that I actually move in time with the music.

We chatted a while, one woman asked if I am a professional dancer and another of the women said that she almost wants to dance (she wants to, but is too inhibited), but is interested in coming to the next charity event. We all chatted a while and then I moved on to my next station.

I acknowledged a middle aged women who was watching. This gave her the confidence to approach me. She is Iranian, but lives in a part of London that I knew well. She asked if I am dance for money, and on being told not, she asked if it was just to dance or for exercise. I said for both. She parted saying “We’ll talk again.”

A young spanish girl said to me, “Bailes?” which is an odd question (“You dance?”) I reply that yes I dance and she asks me the second standard childish question, “Why?” but instead of the standard answer (because I enjoy it) I ask her why she rides a push scooter to which she replies “Porque si” (“Because!”). This isn’t much of a conversation. She asks me if it ‘gives shame’ (Dar verguenza which I guess means Do you feel embaressed) I explain that once you have broken the barrier of fear it is easy. She doesn’t seem to like this explanation because she repeats several times, “Que verguenza” (What cheek) and “Que fuerte” (How strong). I am not sure if these were being used in a positive or negative sense.

About 20 minutes later the Iranian’s prediction came true. “I talked to you a little earlier”, she explained. “Have you ever been paid to dance?” “No,” I replied. “Would you be interested in being paid to dance?” This caused me to pause a while. “What do you have in mind?” She explained that she had a friend or friends who run some kind of promotional something or other and that she thought that they would be interested. She asked for contact details so I gave her a printed web address and an email address. She asked for a phone number, but I don’t know my phone number. (This is probably nothing. Someone thinking that someone else could be interested. I am always interested in doing something that involves dance. Being paid isn’t much of a motivation.)

She also said, “It must be wonderful to be able to move the way you do.” To which I replied, “No, you just think about the things you can’t do.”

(That reminds me that I have often said that it must be wonderful to be able to sing well.)

3 March 2014 Lunes

Finally went on-line and did most of the things I was supposed to do. This left me no time to dance even though it was a lovely day at the beach. Now, as I type, in early Tuesday morning the wind is howling through the trees. On-line I got a web version of the artwork for the poster and I requested copies of the newspaper photos. I have emailed HotRadio in England about doing a similar event.

4 & 5 March 2014 Martes y Miercoles

Yesterday is a mystery, but today went on-line to check UK tax on pensions plans. These details were impossible to find within the hour I spent searching for them.

That didn’t leave me much time to dance, but I danced anyway, because it was a glorious sunny warm day. The Arenal was almost deserted. Didn’t dance until exhaustion, because I was hungry.

Oh, I took a few minutes to search for video. Found one with the title “Loco de Javea” (Javea madman):

I am not keen on being ‘Javea Madman’ when, surely, I should be ‘Bournemouth Madman’, but this video is a somewhat different dance style to the others- very slow and twisty which merits inclusion in my blog. (It had had 3 views when I looked at it.)

Received email from a charity asking me if May isn’t too hot for a dance event and whether we would need some shade. I replied that it is hot, that I would be drenched in sweat, but that I do dance in May and that another charity (which runs the local dog rescue pound) held a zumba event a couple of years ago in (I think) May. I would much rather an event in March or April. May tends to be about 25C and the midday sun is brutal.

Javea Madman’s toe is much better now.

Ah, a flashback to yeterday. I danced. Later in supermarket I saw the assistant who does flamenco and so I picked-up one of the newspapers to show her the photos. She showed polite interest, she recognised the town mayor, she agreed that we should have more dance events.

At this time there has been a kind of revolution in Ukraine and then another kind of revolution in Crimea which was part of Ukraine. The details seem vague and the statements from Putin (means little prostitute in spanish) are other worldly. The well equiped, identically uniformed and obviously disciplined armed forces deployed across Crimea are said, by the little prostitute, to be Crimean miltias nothing to do with Russia. Wow! Very impressive for a self defence militia that no one knew existed.
I wonder why he wants deniability.

I guess that at some point he will give a secret order and the ‘self defence forces’ will melt away. Will the local puppet government stay?
Why do I care? I don’t know, it just fascinates me to watch revolutions. (I hope it doesn’t come to spain. We have huge unemployment, corruption and an elected somewhat authoritarian government.)

(Should America announce that they never invaded Iraq – it was just local self defence forces?)

6 Marzo 2014 Jueves

Another beautiful day. Woke up too early. Planned to go on-line, but the beach was calling. There was a photo shoot on the beach with two young models shivering in bikinis. Odd that they shivered while I sweated dancing. This competition from the photo shoot didn’t prevent several persons videoing me, but one of them, a young man with an elderly woman in a wheelchair was far more interested in me, for reasons I can only guess at. I gave him a wave which seemed to please him.

With fashion models to impress I danced long time, but I don’t have any evidence of impressing them.

The pine pollen season is coming close to its end, but the bamboo roots have been spotted in the lawn where they will have to be ripped out.

(An American journalist at RT ‘russian news tv’ quit live saying that she was tired of broadcasting propaganda and knocking America. That is what RT seems to me, although the knocking America part doesn’t bother me much; the stories seem true, but always about bad things never anything good. The propaganda seems so raw and currently absurd that I wonder who it is for. Reminds me a bit of Fox News, but even more extreme.)

Hypocrasy everywhere in the statements from all sides in this event. Russia is doing what it and America (and China) have often done, using forces to control what happens in countries nearby or wherever it wants to. (Not to mention Britain and France and, before I was born, Germany)

My own take is: A corrupt authoritarian superficially democratic government seeing a similar government overthrown by street protestors wants to do anything to make that overthrow painful and unsuccessful to discourage revolution at home.

Oh, I saw on RT the most outrageous propaganda this evening. As you may know someone leaked a recording of a UN envoy telling Ashton (The EU something or other) about who did the shooting in Kiev. The RT version was to play just a carefully selected part which was somnething like:  “…increasingly becoming known that the shooting was by the protestors”

When the version played in the west is longer starting something like: “When I was in the square I was told by a doctor there that there is a rumour which is increasingly becoming known that the shooting was by the protestors”

Meanwhile the EU has castigated Russia by officially announcing that it is ‘Naughty’ and threatening to call it ‘Very naughty, in deed’

Ukraine, which gave up nuclear weapons in exchange for territorial guarantees is a good lesson for Iran and North Korea.

7 March Viernes

Sunny, but a lot cooler and breezy. Would have been a perfect dance day, but went on line. Wasted a lot of time trying to find a supplier of a herbicide to be used on the bamboo. I know the product and can find it for sale in UK, but couldn’t figure out how to buy it. Couldn’t find a supplier here in Spain even though I know that the manufacturer sells here. Will have to try again. Received copy of photo from newspaper, but was surprised that actually taken by one of the charities. Have put on blog ahead of receiving permission (They told me the whole event was inspired by me and dependent upon me so I assume they will give permission.) My email to the DJ who organised it bounced back. I uploaded some other stuff to the blog. These things took nearly 2 hours and cost E3.80, at the end of which I was hungry. I stood in the street for a while to feel whether to dance or go home. I went home listening to a CD of David Essex. He doesn’t have much of a voice and the production seemed basic. Pleasant, but dull and not likely to inspire dance.

8 Marzo 2014 Sabado

Another clear sky with a temperature of about 17 after a cold 5C night. Fairly busy on the prom and some people on the beach. I have put the David Essex on the shelf as not very dance and have changed to a new CD by who the hell knows. Much more dance, but the track I currently adore is a rendition of ‘Halleluya’. I was doing some kind of fake ballet to this. God knows what I looked like, halleluyah!

Tried to dance part of the time in the shade because the clear sky sun is exhausting.

When I had finished jelly-legged, I changed my shoes and still listening to that track found myself dancing a little more.  Some music simply inspires.

In the supermarket spoke to the pretty flamenco dancer. I told her that I had just finished dancing and that my legs were like ‘gelatina’. I also told her that I had found another video of me titled ‘Loco de Javea’. Her response was that she would look for it.

As I walked back I felt someone squeeze my hand. “Hello, nice to see you.” We chatted a while and she told me this typical story about Spanish bureauocracy.

“A friend was planning a party at home with a live band. Someone suggested that she should apply for a music licence. She went to the Town Hall and was directed to the relevant department where she waited in line. At the desk the civil servant found the relevant form, asked for all the details, filled it in, stamped it and then put it away in a drawer. She asked for a copy so that she could prove that she had a music licence. The civil servant refused to give her a copy.
The civil servant explained that a live band at home does not require a music licence.”

Walking past a group of youngsters on skateboards I overheard one say, “Oh it’s the dancer” I gave them a wave. (Actually I think he said, “Oh shit its the dancer”, but I don’t like to soil my fingers typing rude words.)

9 y 10 Marzo Domingo y Lunes

When I reached the beach area on Sunday there were hundreds of runners in what appeared to be some kind of marathon. Had to cross this horde to get to my exercise bench and than I realised that if I did my standing exercises there I would get knocked down by the rush of humanity. Therefore I did my exercises on the wooden ramp. Then had to make a break through the advancing groups of runners to be back where I could dance. Something wasn’t working when I danced and it took about three songs to realise that I was still wearing my fully soled sport shoes which were gripping the floor to well. In the crush I had forgotten to change into dance shoes. I did a lot of standing on the spot running steps (seemingly running while not going forward) as my small tribute to the marathon. When the last of the runners had passed there was an ambulance following at the rear. Then I had the place to myself. Wore myself down.

Monday I was sure that I would not dance. My knees feel strained from yesterday, my feet are sore and I lack any sign of energy. Down at the beach I decided to do my agility exercises and then just slipped my dance shoes on in case I want to move to some slow music and then I danced for a while, strapped my right knee, moved to another station, felt exhausted and just tried some experimental moves while watching my reflexion in the glass walls. Definitely tired and lacking in motivation. Walked to the end, did final exercies and then danced to slow music for another 2 or 3 songs. Only videoed once or maybe twice.

Drained, relaxed, happy.

11 y 12 Marzo Martes y Miercoles

Tuesday I was so worn out and generally achey, especially my knee, that I stayed home and read. The weather was overcast and cool.

Wednesday was also overcast and when I was ready to go out there was a shower. Went to library because of weather and the books were due back. Went on line to check email. Disappointed that no one has emailed me about dance and the herbicide company hasn’t told me where I can buy it in Spain. Spain seems particularly poor in internet activity. Not having any obvious chores I looked at my google+ page and was pleased by all the dance related photos and videos now connected to it. Pointless of course because I can’t tell you the address and pointless to me because I am so rarely on-line that I don’t take the time to look at it. I should put a link to it somewhere, maybe.. not sure what the purpose is.
(Discovered that the web address is a secret that only google knows.)

13 Marzo 2014 Jueves

I thought it was wednesday today. These diary errors occur when I break the dance rythm. No, it is apparently Thursday. Went to supermarket. A young woman who works in ‘Peca2’ waved to me as I passed. No idea who she is, but I waved back.  The walkway at the beach still wet from morning shower, but found a section sufficiently dry, which, by chance, was outside that restaurant, but saw no more of my mystery woman. A dark overcast sky, slightly rough sea, some breeze and cool enough that I had my jacket on for a song or two before getting warm enough. Eventually down to T-shirt. Moved to another station between Champagne and Octopus. Danced to a frazzle, then did final exercises. A Frenchman passed by, waved his arms and asked, “C’est fini?” to which I replied “Casi”. He laughed. (I realised after that ‘casi’ which is ‘almost’ in Spanish is also ‘broken’ in French) I danced a more, changed shoes and then danced just a touch more before walking slowly home. Good session.

A small girl on a push scooter came over and asked me something in some language and then said ‘Deutsch’ to which I replied, “Ich spreke nicht Deutsch.”

There weren’t many people around and so I was only videoed by one or two.

14 Marzo Viernes

Overcast and cool when I went out wearing a waterproof jacket in case of rain, but warm enough to take it off and take off my shirt after shopping. Felt a lack of energy such that I would love to have the energy that others tell me that I have. Found some energy after a few songs, from whence it came I know not.
There was a school class on the beach seemingly being put through physical activity uner supervision by two or three teachers. They showed little or no interest in my bouncing around.

When I finished I changed my shoes, put on my T-shirt and then danced a bit more while putting on my shirt.

Calmly walked towards home, but was flagged down by a woman seated outside a cafe some 300 metres from the beach. “Do you speak English?” she asked. “We have seen you dance and I would love to know what music you listen to.”
She was with a young man and an older woman. The young man said, “We have seen you dance oodles of times.” The older woman asked, “Have you ever been a dancer?”
“No,” I replied, “It is just a passion. I have danced for years, but in public only a few years since I broke the fear barrier.”
The younger woman responded, “That is what I admire about you.” Then she added, “When you dance you look so happy.”
I gave them my blog address and where to search for video. I think I may have outstayed my welcome just a touch.

15 Marzo 2014 Sabado
Weather changed, gloriously sunny without being hot. Maxed at about 17C at my house, probably more at the beach. Danced long time, videoed as usual, waved to familiar waitress in one restaurant who responded out of politeness, said ‘Hola’ to waitress in another bar who responded with a big smile and some question that I didn’t hear, I think she may have been interested in talking, but nothing came to my mind to say; I really am not a natural socialite.
On walk home strapped my right knee; it has a weak point which hurts.

Last night thought that I should replace the windows. The wood boring insects are pushing me in the direction of having plastic windows. The next weeks will show if I make the effort to get quotes or not. Not knowing what to do about woodworm causes me many hours of discomfort. As they show up in new places I have the woodwork sanded down to remove the woodstain and then painted with insecticide. The sanding is expensive. This treatment doesn’t irradicate but probably ameliorates. Beetles still come out of the treated wood, but probably fewer than would have without treatment. Then, next season, they show up in some other part of the house. The most expensive event will be if they get into the expensive furniture.

16 Marzo Domingo

Oh-oh, my knee hurts in a specific spot. Strapped it up again. Didn’t go out. Turned my mind to all the chores instead. It is going to be hard the next few weeks trying to sort out windows and bug killing as well as other UK chores. Saw a number of dead beetles on the outside of the living room window. So that window is infected. They are probably everywhere by now, or is that just paranoia? Plan is to call the specialists to get idea of cost of extensive treatment and hopefully to get a better idea of problem. I simply don’t know how much effort should be put into this. Am I doing too little, too much, roughly the right amount?

Meanwhile in Crimea of the large number of persons who have voted probably nearly all have voted to become part of Russia, which is interesting when a year or two ago a public opinion survey in Russia found that the vast majority of Russians wanted to leave Russia.

The Russians in Crimea seem to believe that it was always Russian when the historians say it was Tartar (moslems apparently famous for dirty teeth?) until Russia broke its word and took control. Most of the descendents were deported by Stalin and have only recently started to return.

I don’t suppose anyone else much cares (except for all the other ex-soviet countries with large russian populations. Which makes me wonder about the safety of London or Bournemouth with their Russian residents.)

Lovely day today. The sprinklers were on for the first time this year. Another annual chore is checking them and fixing the leaks.

17 March Lunes – Ay, que calor.

Monday and my appointed tasks begin. Rang for a double glazing quote and was surprised that the phone was answered in english. This threw me for a moment because I couldn’t think of the english for ‘presupuesto’ which I ended up saying in ESpanglish “I want a presupuesto” to which she replied, “You want a quote.” (Yes, that’s the word ‘quote’ or maybe estimate.)
Second call was busy. Went on line to find other suppliers. You know it is very difficult to find local suppliers of anything using google. I found a supplier in Venuzuela and Mexico more easily than one nearby. Many local traders are listed in on-line directories but there is no way to contact them. Did email a couple of suppliers, or at least I think I did, but don’t know where they are and didn’t write down their names.
There are commercial listings where you can say what you want and the website sends the enquiry to its subscribers, but the pages of terms and conditions put me off using them. (Probably there is nothing bad in those terms but I can’t be bothered to read so many pages and feel uncomfortable using it without reading.)
Also searched again for a local supplier of herbicide ’roundup stump killer’ Ah, yes Venuzuela again.
The manufacturer of the product can’t be bothered to tell me where to buy it. My local ‘viveros’ (garden centre) told me today, “No,” and they can’t order it for me either. In the UK Homebase and Amazon sell it, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it sent to me.
Received email from EKA charity telling me that I am in their promotional video. Not worth seeing. In it I am talking about dancing with the young man who was doing the ‘body-popping’ at the Nostro dance event feb15. They confirm that they are trying to create another event in May. Received email from the cancer charity telling me that from the point of view of the average couch potato that my energy is amazing.
Strapped up my knee, but decided to do just the stretching exercises because my knee is not up to the stress of dancing. Glorious sunny day with the restaurants open for the spring season and with their glass walls retracted to make them an open space, oh dear, who can resist the call of the fresh air, sun and the milling strangers. So I danced and sweated and fortunately my knee didn’t give me jip (is there such a word? gip?). A woman being wheeled by in a chair applauded and I bowed, actually I think I curtsied. That was the only feedback plus the usual videoing looking and ocasional pointing. So nothing unusual or interesting… yet.
Did a big shop to be delivered and didn’t have enough money to pay for it. I offered to pay by card but this was waved away as they decided to let me pay on delivery. Unfortunately I won’t have the right change when they deliver.
On leaving the super market three teenagers sitting at the outdoor table of the cafe next door greeted me with big smiles. I waved and smiled back while they called out ‘Dance!’ I took off the headphones and said “Me acabo” (I have just finished). ‘Dance! Estoy grabando. I’m filming,” one of them said in spanish and english. I smiled again but ignored the commands.
About half a kilometre inland I passed some 10 or so young girls of probably less than 10 years of age. They started shouting, “Bailar! Bailar!” I waved to acknowledge them, but continued walking.” “Quitar esas cosas,” one shouted and then asked the others, “Como se llama esas?” (Take off those things.. what do you call those things? I assume she was refering to the headphones.) Fortunately they didn’t mob me.

18 Marzo 2014

The winter is over. Another glorious day. Feel much better than I felt a week or so ago. Something to do with the illusion of being in control (asking for quotes on windows and bug treatment – plus hopelessly trying to find where to buy herbicide?) Went on-line to try to do these things without achieving much. How come the sellers of double glazing don’t have websites that appear on google? How come no one wants me to know where to buy herbicide? Now that I am planning to do stuff I want to get it done and NOW! This compares to my usual attitude of letting things slide for 3 months before putting them off a bit longer.

Was so hungry after being on-line that I had to buy something to eat before being able to dance. Checked in supermarket when they would deliver. They wanted to deliver faster than I could get home; they agreed to delay delivery. I paid the money I owed them.

Danced without incident. Some small children became excited and tried to turn around like I do, but they soon became dizzy and found something else to occupy their attention. It was very warm. The area is moderately busy today Tuesday and also Monday, which is a big difference from just a week ago. Nearly all the cafes are open again after the dead season.

Last night I watched France24 news channel where a professor of politics in Crimea was exchanging insults with a writer for the Wall St Journal. The Crimean called the western news absurd propaganda (just what I think of the Russian news) and acussed the Journal man of talking like as someone from the Soviet era (just like I think of the Russian statements).

I am half expecting the Ukrainian government to send unmarked troups into eastern Ukraine to protect the Russians there and to call them local self defence forces. I also expect America to deny it ever invaded Iraq, that the troops were locals who had bought their uniforms from Army surplus stores.

Well, a vast number voted to become part of Russia. That’s democracy? Well, the ballot paper didn’t give a choice of staying part of Ukraine, the Ukranian TV channels were blocked before the referendum, anyone advocating not being part of Russia was intimidated, no debates of the topic were carried out, the streets were dominated by armed men in favour of Russia, Russian music was played at the polling stations and they allowed Russians whose only ID was a Russian passport to vote. (Oh and the ballot papers were not folded which means how you voted was visible to all.) Mmmm, that’s democracy Putin style.

Are people actually surprised that Putin has accepted the plea of the Crimeans to become part of Russia? (It is impressive how fast politicians can pass laws when they want to.)

Western TV news vs Russian (today):

Western Reports (CNN, BBC and France24)
Unmarked soldiers believed to be Russian Army stormed a Ukranian military base. Automatic fire was heard and a Ukranian officer was shot in the neck and died. The Russians retreated.

RT (Russian TV)
A Ukranian Army officer and a Crimean defence force member were shot and killed by sniper fire from a nearby tower block. The sniper is believed to be a member of the extreme right that was involved in similar sniper fire in Kiev.

Unbelievable? Both reports cite their source as being members of the Ukranian military base and the same press service. Exactly the same sources.

Meanwhile Russians love their strong president and young men in Ukraine are enlisting to protect the motherland.

Now that Sudentland has been reunited with Germa…. oops.

Japan has decided to stop telling school children that there are some little islands whose nationality is disputed, now they will be told that they are Japanese. This is seen in Japan as increasing national pride.

And so we drift toward what?

Meanwhile America announces SEVERE sanctions which seem to be nothing more than not issuing visas to a tiny number of persons who don’t want to go to America anyway.

I expect a high chance of a shooting war in Ukraine and a lot of fear in ex-communist countries. (I am not planning to enlist, even if the part of Spain near here that wants a referendum on leaving Spain suddenly joins Russia.)

Just one more time: Who in their right mind would choose to be part of Russia?

Hah! Fascict thugs, who are members of parliament, film themselves slapping around and roughing-up the manager of the state TV company because he broadcast Putin’s speach and the street celebrations about Crimea. These thugs then stated that they were right to do this because they were at war and the TV broadcasts were treason. How happy the Russian media will be to finally have some proof of their ‘Kiev is run by Nazis’ propaganda.

Meanwhile France may actually be about to elect the National Front in local elections across the country.

19 Marzo Miercoles
Went to ciber, but closed. Supermarket also closed. Must be a public holiday. Cooler and a bit cloudier, but still nice.
The promenade was busy and the cafe’s nearly full.
Danced long time. Videoed as usual. Both knees strapped due to pain and during the dance I damaged something else. Pain in my groin. Kept my knees strapped all evening. Hope the groin strain isn’t severe.
Phoned other bug killers and left message as not open.

20 Mrazo 2014 Jueves
Forgot to take memory stick so didn’t go on-line. The change in number of persons near the beach tells me that yesterday had been a public holiday.
Groin and knees don’t hurt much, but too tired to dance. Decided to just do stretching exercises and then to walk home, but after doing the exercises I danced anyway. Big wave from waitress at Champagne.
Some child said something which sounded like, “Mira es el loco de javea,” but I probably imagined those words.

On my way home, just outside ‘El camping’ (campsite) a man on a bicycle said something to me in what sound like English. I removed my headphones and we stared at each other expectantly. He probably hoped for a reply while I waited for him to repeat himself. Finally, he gave in and said, “You’re not dancing.”
“No, I have finished.”
“You’ve done your bit for the day,” he confirmed in what sounded like a London area accent.
He asked a few of the normal questions. The statement that surprised me was, “You’re famous, I saw you on Facebook.”
“Facebook? Where?” I asked because, of course, I am banned from Facebook.
“Was there some kind of thing at a cafe?” He asked.
“You know the Mayor? You are on his Facebook page.”
I found that mildly surprising. We chatted a while longer. He told me he would like to be able to do what I do. He asked me if I went to discos. I told him that I rarely go and that it is odd because I am as old as most of the others’ grandparents and even odder than youg women come over to dance with me.
His reply was, “That doesn’t suprise me.”
Odd, because it surprises me.
His parting words were, “You’re famous.”

21 Marzo 2014 Viernes

Another nice day, some thin cloud, about 18C max and sunny. Too tired to dance and I want to save my energy for tomorrow. I went into Nostro where the barman shook my hand. I asked to use the lavatory and then chatted with him about more dance events. He was unaware of the Mayor’s facebook page (and I couldn’t find it as I am banned from facebook). He wants to see more events and thinks every 6 weeks or maybe monthly would be good whereas I want them weekly. He told me that 20 persons had been expected at the event, but that we had had 80. That’s more than I thought. His number is of the persons who bought the charity special of cafe and croissant for Euro2 which went to charity. He wants the whole of the beach area dancing.
Having chatted I couldn’t resist dancing a while, but just 4 or 5 songs.

This evening a bug man is coming so I have to figure out what to ask. Also received another estimate for new windows and doors. Still no news on herbicide because the email address for rounbup looks like it is going to bounce.

What a coincidence that a week after becoming annoyed at discovering that UK pension funds are a pointless trap, the UK budget changes all the rules. They are probably still pointless, but now it may be possible to escape from them.

22 Marzo Sabado

Overcast and cool when I went out wearing a rain jacket due to the dark sky, but there was no rain and the temperature rose to about 18C.
One of my neighbours wants to cut some over hanging branches of one of my pine trees. I assumed that the persons with him were professionals and so I left them to it.

While walking through the orange groves, a woman walking with a dog, smiled at me as she jigged around and moved her arms in dance movements. I don’t know who she is, but she obviously knows me. My mind was trying to choose a language, but instead I just smiled and mumbled some language-like sounds.

At the beach the place was nearly empty in the overcast coolness and I discovered that I had not brought my dance shoes. The sports shoes I walked in have a lot of grip and so I hesitated about dancing in them and only did two songs.

Later I walked past a large family group, the small children seem to have recognised me. They whisper and sneak looks. (Or am I imagining this?)

Walking home after shopping a middle aged couple greeted me in English with a smile and “Good Morning.” Do I know them? I have a feeling that I may have met them, but I don’t know.

Back home much of one side of the pine tree is now on the ground. I hope that the tree doesn’t fall over from being imbalanced. These guys don’t appear to be using safety harnesses.

Last evening the bug man who came was a ‘technico’ as they say here (that is a person who does the work) rather than a salesman. This meant that he would tell me lots of things that salesman don’t mention, but this included detailed stories of treating different kinds of insects, which were mostly irrelevant, but even more irrelevant details of which towns the houses were in, what county those towns are in and how nice or not the central plaza of those towns are. I know a lot more about cockroaches than I did, but they have no relevance to the wood boring beetles here.

He looked at the can of the insecticide that has been used on the woodwork here. He told me that it is a general purpose insecticide and although it is sold under the name ‘matacarcomas’ (kill woodworm) it isn’t specifically for killing carcoma. The professionals use a different chemical. What I have used is what you get if you buy retail, but he tells me that the professional chemicals can only be bought if you have a licence.  He said that if he treats the wood it can be forgotten about for 10 years. That would be a lot better than what I have done so far, because carcoma have continued to show-up in wood treated just a year earlier.

What I don’t know yet is how many thousands it is going to cost. I will probably have all the antique beams treated (some 30 or more) plus the doors and frames that have already been treated and the door in the kitchen that has new bore holes. My guess is 3,000.

(Just saw a mouse or maybe a shrew running around in the empty swimming pool. Have now rescued it.)

23 Marzo Domingo

Beautiful clear sky, quite brrezy day maybe peaked at 20C. I have been told that this has been the dryest winter in 150 years. Certainly we have not had any of the really heavy storms that are normal. Went to beach and danced long time. No special events, little waves from waitresses, children amused, middle aged women giving me the eye while ignoring their husbands. Bought fresh bread for lunch. Looked in telephone directory for supplier of double glazing in the area – nothing.

24 Marzo Lunes
Sunny day at 19C. Knee hurts. Went to library and shopping. No dance.
I phoned a double glazing company in a town near here and was asked, “Why don’t you email the details?” I didn’t bother pointing out that the company doesn’t list its email address on-line, only its phone number.

It amazes me that most of these firms only have a listing in on-line directories which don’t include email addresses. Why on earth don’t they have some kind of website?

25 Marzo Martes
Sunny morning, but became overcast and with a wind it feels chilly at 17C although maxed at 20C. Danced with most of the area empty. Videod as usual. Went to shop to buy newspaper and was asked by the smiling female assistant, “Has bailado o vas a bailar ya?” I answered that yes I had danced already and so was not about to dance and that I was injured. I lifted my leg to show the strapping around my knee.
I wonder if that shop assistant remembers that I asked her 3 years ago whether she knew of anywhere that I could go to dance. At the time she looked at me as though I had suggested something perverted.

26 Marzo Miercoles

I have a feeling that the clocks may have changed, but I haven’t seen any proof yet. We had a small rain shower last night. It has been windy since last night and today’s sunshine between clouds can’t compete against the chilling effect of the wind, but still a nice day.

Isn’t it odd that the news story in which there is no news (the airliner which has gone missing) is the most popular news story. When we don’t know something there is a rush to fill the absense of knowledge with any crazy imagination. Why do people need to create imagined false news rather than just saying, “We don’t know, but in time perhaps we will.” (It took 2 years to find a previously ‘mysterious’ lost airliner.)

Knee still hurts and with an empty beach, I only danced a bit, maybe 20 mins at most. Nearly hit by cyclist.

27 Marzo 2014 Jueves

Sunny, breezy, cool. Received email from charity organiser to tell me that they plan our next beachdance on 14 May from 1 to 3. That will be hot. Didn’t tell me the location. I told waitress in one of the cafes and she said that she wanted it to be outside her cafe. Received email from a local free newspaper saying they would run a piece about beachdance, but they requested a photo of my dancing alone, which I don’t have.

Knee still strapped. Danced for some unmeasured time. I think less than an hour. Barked at by dog; owners do nothing.

28 Marzo Viernes, 29 Sabado, 30 Domingo

Uh, now what happened friday? No idea. I think the weather poor and my knee hurt, so I stayed at home. Saturday was overcast and not very nice at all, but I went dancing on a nearly deserted beach. Sunday started with light rain from an overcast sky which left me unmoved and indoors which, at least, gave my aching knee a bit more of a rest.

At some moment during the last few days they slipped it past me, the swines: I switched on the TV and the programme times were an hour later than my clocks.

31 Marzo Lunes
Confirmed by my radio controlled clock that all my other clocks are one hour wrong. Lovely sunny morning. Went on-line to check email, download the estimates for windows, send a copy of the dance poster to the local newspaper, ask the organisers of the next dance where it is to be held, and annouce it on twitter (as I only have 1 follower I don’t think it will have much effect) (I think there is a way to connect it to other groups, but last time I did this I got banned from twitter.) Have asked for a printed flyer that I can hand out to promote the dance. The organiser tells me that they only promote 3 weeks prior because people forget. Today is 6 weeks before event.

When I came out of the ‘locutorio’ (where there are phones and internet connections) a middle aged man, who was walking with a dog, signalled to me. I stopped, removed my headphones and said, “Hola.” He asked if I am spanish and then if I speak spanish. He then grabbed my arm around the biceps which felt very small in his strong hand. “Le he visto muchas veces…” (I have seen you many times..) he began while continuing to hold my arm. I can’t remember his exact words, but he said something like, “I don’t care if you dance well or badly; you dance well, but it is that you enjoy it. It is admirable that you do whatever you want to do. That you are such a happy person. It is an excellent way to live that the rest of us should… You enjoy life.” I was trapped physically; he wasn’t letting me go or even giving me room to respond verbally. Finally he took a breath and I responded by telling him of the communal dance on May 14 that he could come to, to dance or just sip cafe. He told me that he danced, and not badly. He introduced himself and then we parted with a shake of hands in one of those new youth style hand shakes.

So many people tell me how happy I am and how much I enjoy life, perhaps eventually I will believe them.

Shopped and then danced. Waved to a few restaurant staff and one or two regular customers. Felt something go in my ankle, stopped dancing and massaged my ankle for a while, before heading home. (Oh, knee still strapped.)


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