I love dancing

I love dancing and some time ago I discovered the pleasure of dancing on the beach. We have such a lovely environment here, I am so lucky to have access to this coast and to have the time and, so far, the health to enjoy it.

Every day, if the weather isn’t awful and I have the energy I walk down to the beach, do some exercises on the stainless steel balustrades and then dance along the beach from Branksome Chine to Sandbanks, that’s if I am feeling energetic, and if not I turn back at Canford Cliffs and dance back to the Chine for final bar exercises and then summoning up my final glucose reserves I do an encore at the Chine and sometimes give an impromptu dance class for anyone who wants to try.

Thousands of people have seen me doing this, some drop-jawed in shock, some giggling and pointing, some irresistibly bopping in response to my joy and some running down to join me and dance along with me for a hundred yards or so before returning to their spot.

Although I do this for my own pleasure and benefit I have been greatly pleased to discover that many others have enjoyed watching me or joining me.

(and I apologise to those whom I annoy)

From this we have developed BeachDancer Hour which is the next jogging, pilates or yoga.

photo: www.LaurieLapworth.com



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