BeachDancer Hour

Dancing in the open air in our wonderful beaches is an excellent means of exercise which is aerobic, muscle strengthening and mobility enhancing.

HotRadio (102.8FM) interviewed me on this and plans to create a regular ‘BeachDancer Hour’ event to encourage exercise, fun and social activity for all ages.

Hundreds have expressed their interest and pleasure in what I am doing and many dozens have joined in the initial ‘BeachDancer’ events between Branksome Chine and Sandbanks, Poole.BeachDancerFoursome934Kb-1900x876

The music to be supplied by local radio so that anyone can listen through headphones without disturbing others.

Dance leaders from local dance schools, dance groups and dance clubs to offer different styles and levels for those who want to follow instruction, but anyone can dance in their own style and pace as they wish.

This highly newsworthy and photogenic event would be a tourist attraction and a means of promoting better health for all.

Please indicate your interest in promoting, permitting or participating in this invigorating original concept by replying


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