But, I hate exercise!

I hate exercise, you couldn’t pay me to spend time pushing a machine in a gym or just running, but let me dance and I will wear myself to a frazzle without realising that I am exercising.

I have found that the effect on me is more profound when I dance in public.

This is not just a subjective difference. I have measured my blood pressure before and after dancing for over an hour. If I dance at home my pressure drops about 10 over 5, but doing the same thing in public causes a drop of 20 over 10.

There is something about being in public that makes the exercise more effective in terms of reducing blood pressure.

Also I find that my mind is calmed from dancing if I have managed to detach from thought and let the rhythmic response to music take over. My hypothesis is that this lets the right side of the brain dominate for a while which brings mental harmony because most of our waking time it is the left side of logic and language that dominates.

When I am fully into the music, although I am still aware of people around me and the flags and sandcastles on the beach I am floating in an endorphin drenched bliss that seems to make others feel happy tooFourBeachdancers1.44Mb


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