Event-HOW TO

BeachDancer Events

If you create an event please let The Beachdancer know by message and links to any of the following (you could also invite him):

Blog:   http://www.beachdancer.wordpress.com

Twitter:  @PlayaDance

Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/TheBeachdancer

email: PlayaDance  which is at gmail.com

(Photos or video of event – please send links)


Music can be live or recorded played through speakers or with radio headphones or using streamed sound to individuals smartphones or by synched i-pods or each person listening to his own music.

Vary the tempo. Youngsters may be happy to bounce at 120 beats a minute or even samba at 240, but other people will be happier at 100 or even 80.

Your local laws may require permission for public events.


Local Radio should broadcast a ‘Dance Like No one is watching’ hour every week whether there is an event or not.

Record announcements that promote other events to be played between songs at the dance event. This increases the feeling of being at an event and promotes the causes.

The local radio should be able to get coverage in other media because it is promoting dance as a healthy activity that will improve public welfare.

(The one thing that all health commentaries agree on is that more exercise would improve public health. This should be appreciated by local government.)

SPONSOR Cafe, Restaurant, Pub

The sponsoring cafe etc creates specialities such as a BeachDancer Cocktail, BeachDancer Sandwich, or BeachDancer Salad.

The price paid by customer for the specialities is donated to the charities, but any other drinks or food are sold as normal.

The sponsoring Cafe etc aims for publicity prior to the event, extra custom during the event and publicity after the event.

The sponsor should be interested because the publicity, goodwill and extra custom should exceed in value the cost of donating the income from the sale of the specialities.

Record announcements that promote the dance event, to be played in venue over the few weeks prior to event.

Printed small announcements on cards that fold, to be left on the tables at venue announcing the forthcoming dance event.


Posters contain names of charities and sponsors plus web addresses for more information.

If sponsored by a cafe invite people to be involved simply by coming to the cafe and paying for the BeachDancer Specialities with the money going to charity. They don’t have to dance.
If they just want to dance they don’t have to pay.  DANCING IS FREE.

Posters should have big words that tell the essential items:
Date – Time – Location
Dance Free!

twitter address or website for further data

Plus some attractive art and a brief description of what it is. Very few people are going to stand in front of your poster reading it.

Posters can be A3 or A2. (A4 is also useful to put on baggage or someone’s back.) A3 is for a wall to be looked at from 1 or 2 metres distance. Farther requires A2 or bigger.

The leaflets should be designed separately from the posters. A leaflet should not just be a small poster.

The leaflet is for explaining in detail what the event is. It should also repeat the essential Date-Time-Location Dance Free! , and on-line link for more information. Then write as much as will fit about what people are expected to do.
Leaflets can be A5 or A6


Prepare a printed explanation for the press and put a copy on-line. This should be written as if it were an article in the paper, but with details of everyone involved so that names are spelt correctly and with web addresses for the sponsors and charities.


Create a printable certificate which says:

“Award for Bravery
With super-human disregard for insults or hurtful whispers, I     danced in public without first getting drunk, or having lost a bet.”

This could be stamped by the charity and sponsor and awarded to anyone who actually dances.

Others get a:
“Although I was too scared to actually dance, I did give money     which shows that I have a heart even if I don’t exercise enough to     keep it working.”


In Spain aim for more involvement by speakers of various languages. Would help to have co-ordinators with different 1st languages especially Castillian/Valencian English and German.

Spanish Version:
Translating the expression ‘for charity’ as ‘por caridad’ sometimes causes confusion. Try ‘para instituciones beneficas’.


Collect email addresses or other web contact data from persons who attend so that they can be informed of future events.

Hand-out a printed notice with web addresses where people can keep in contact or follow. (Twitter, facebook, patrons sites, BeachDancer blog etc).


Dance or other exercise instructors could be allowed to promote their offerings in exchange for putting on a performance and encouraging dancing.
(Remember not everyone wants to copy a leader or be told what to do, but encouragement is always good.)


Vendors of personal music systems, mp3 players, quality headphones, dance or exercise wear, (especially shoes) could have a stall or just publicity as a patron.


As you can hear on the BeachDancer blog….
.. it is possible to stream the same music to dancers or audience who listen on smart phones or portables connected by wifi. This makes it possible to hold an event without disturbing the peace. It also brings up the possibility of patronage from any of the mobile phone or internet suppliers. They could use an event to promote their services or to sell smart-phones by temporarily lending them to particpants and in that way creating interest in their services.



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