We should all boogie

Dance is a physical pleasure that most people have never experienced because they think they can’t dance, or they are too shy to do so, or because we Brits just don’t dance and that’s that.

We should all dance. It helps your heart, it reduces your fat, it reduces your blood pressure, it strengthens your muscles, it reduces stiffness and pains of advanced age. Oh, and for young men, it will attract women. (If I were younger I would be making out like a bandit.)

20 years ago I couldn’t touch my hands to my feet, now I can put a leg up on a waist high bar and touch my chin to my shin.

Back then I used to wake up with aching achiles tendons that made walking painful, that doesn’t happen anymore…. now I ache all over from all the dancing I do.

Dancing is a wonderful way of getting that aerobic exercise we are told we need and of having a yoga like flexibility and sense of well-being.

Have I mentioned that I love dancing?PoleDance-Facebook1000x1741-864kb(Oh, I can’t actually do that.)


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