What others say

The reactions from people on the beach vary, first the negative comments,

“What you do is stupid.”

“You look funny.”

“You old poser”  -that one I can’t technically fault in that I am old and I do pose.

“You’re a blot on the landscape.” – from someone sitting in branksome chine car park who wanted to watch the sea, but found herself for some reason watching me for an hour before complaining.

Then there are the giggles from youngsters and sometimes wide-eyed trances from all ages from children who freeze and stare without comprehension to adults who freeze because they don’t want to risk being noticed by the nutter who is dancing past them.

Once or twice I have been aware of people whose eyes have been glued on me, but when I say hello they stare through me like I don’t exist or perhaps like I am a wild animal and they don’t know what to do to avoid being eaten.

Sometimes the questions come from stupefaction such as, “Are you doing this for charity?” or “Do you know this is a BEACH?”

But the vast majority of people seem to enjoy what I do, at least if I gauge this by the comments they make or the waves they return or the thumbs-up signs or the blown kisses.

Some of the assessments of my dancing are so generous and complimentary that I would not believe them if I were listening to this on the radio, but having heard them first hand – no, I still don’t believe them.

You are a wonderful dancer. I wish I could dance like you. I want to dance and you are an inspiration. How do you do that? Do what? That thing you do. You are obviously a professional Do you teach? When do you hold classes? I wish I could do what you do, everyone on the beach is watching you. I was told about you by a friend, but didn’t believe her. You’re so cool. You’ve made my day. I have seen video of you, wow you’ve got some moves. I envy you, you look so happy. “Can I have your autograph.” “We are here to film a music video for our new track, we would like you to dance on it. Would you?” “You spread the joy.”

And the other most popular questions are:

“How old you are?”

“What music are you listening to, we think its Michael Jackson.”

and of course:

“Can we dance with you?”

It delights me that so many others enjoy what I do, but I can’t take this praise seriously.copy-beachdancerscattered-885x252signature-cartoon.jpg


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