Bailar es Free ~~~ Dance es Gratis

Interviewed for BBC Radio 4 Sept 2016

Back in August of 2015 I had been planning the choreography for JP’s song.

Hace tiempo en agosto ultimo estaba pensando en coreografia para la cancion.

The steadicam man took his shoes off

From music video 16/8/ 2014

It was filmed on Friday 15 August in the last light of the setting sun.

Grabamoslo viernes 15 agosto en la final luz del puesto del sol.

And now it has been launched in Brazil, (plus blogs in Portuguese) and following that in America.

Ya ha sido lanzado en Brazil y luego en EEUU.

I thought I had just dreamt it, but apparently it is real.

Para mi era un sueño en dos sentidos, pero se parece verdad.

Music video by steadicam by Dance by the beachdancer Applause by strangers

Prior to that in Spain Antes de eso en españa

Dance until you Drop poster2[1]BAILAR ES GRATIS                 Playa Del Arenal, Javea. Mayo 10.


I don’t keep up to date on twitter: @playAdance

My favorite dance videos at

I had until they banned me.

Youtube or google search ‘S B Chdancer’


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